December 2012 Goals

Wow!  Last month of 2012 for goal setting!  In addition to my normal monthly goals, I’m going to review my annual goals and see what I still need to accomplish.

For the month of December, of course I’d like to focus on the holidays . . .

  • Staying healthy through the holiday season (don’t forget to get your copy of my e-book on this topic if you haven’t already:  click here to get it)
  • Healthy gift ideas
  • Relationship building ideas for the holidays

As far as annual goals, here is my current status:


  • Get Meal Planning e-course up and running – done!  Check it out HERE – it’s a GREAT holiday stress reliever and GIFT
  • Finalize the “New You in the New Year” Group program – done!  Sign up starts December 17th, so get on the LIST
  • 2013 Blog/ Website plan – I have a rough outline in place, but need to finalize – lots of FUN ideas for next year, so be ready!!!
  • Create a Holiday e-book – done – get it HERE if you haven’t already!


  • Monthly “dates” with each child – good job, need to keep it up in December and into next year for sure!
  • Several mini-vacations – done – trip to Nashville over Fall Break and last weekend a trip to Chicago for the American Girl Tea with my daughter
  • Bi-monthly “date night” with hubby – okay – we did well in November, not so well in October – this one needs to be planned ahead of time to be successful I think!


  • Join a local small group – haven’t found a good fit, but I’ve been participating in an online one
  • Clean house “drawer by drawer” – pretty dismal . . . odds are good this will be a 2013 goal
  • Do something creative each month! – had some fun here – some craft projects with my kids, created photo books,created a few new recipes and done some fun writing projects

How do you set goals?  I’ve found a lot of success by writing them down and then plugging away step by step – for me if it doesn’t get written down and scheduled, odds are it won’t get done.  I’d love to hear your tips in the comments – please share!