Ready for next year?  Me too!  I always love a new year – so much to look forward to – a great time for a fresh start!Young Living Oils

(shameless plug here:  and speaking of fresh starts, if you have eating healthier on your list of goals for 2014, don’t forget to check out my latest program!)

December 2013 Goals Update:


  • Successful sign-ups for “Healthy Eating CAN be Easy” – check out the details on this fun and useful program HERE! – going well, but I still have spots open!
  • Guest postSee it HERE.
  • Finalize 2014 blog and program scheduledone!
  • Finalize 2014 Oil of the Month Club detailsdone – some really cool oils – check it out HERE


  • Enjoy the season with my friends and familydone!!!  GREAT Christmas season!
  • Plan some fun get-togethers with friends for 2014done!  A few fun vacations planned as well as a fun winter “party”
  • Read as many books as I FEEL like reading this month! – I read some TERRIFIC books this month including: The Girl You Left Behind, Bread & Wine (LOVED THIS BOOK), Divergent (can’t wait for the movie now), Orange is the New Black and Arranged!  Check them out HERE or at your local library.

How about you?  What are your plans for this month and the year-end?

Interested in learning how to become a healthier eater?  I used to think I ate well (see this post) but after a year of nutrition school discovered that I had a lot to learn about truly healthy eating.  Both for myself and my family.  I want to share that knowledge with YOU – my latest program will streamline what you need to learn into four fun weeks – by the end of it you’ll feel confident that you are feeding yourself and your family exactly what you should be eating for a healthy, happy life.  Check out the details HERE.

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