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December 2013 Goals

Last month of the year – and since December is typically busy I’m keeping my goals simple and focused:Christmas tree


  • Successful sign-ups for “Healthy Eating CAN be Easy” – check out the details on this fun and useful program HERE!
  • Guest post
  • Finalize 2014 blog and program schedule
  • Finalize 2014 Oil of the Month Club details


  • Enjoy the season with my friends and family
  • Plan some fun get-togethers with friends for 2014
  • Read as many books as I FEEL like reading this month!

How about you?  What are your plans for this month and the year-end?

Interested in learning how to become a healthier eater?  I used to think I ate well (see this post) but after a year of nutrition school discovered that I had a lot to learn about truly healthy eating.  Both for myself and my family.  I want to share that knowledge with YOU – my latest program will streamline what you need to learn into four fun weeks – by the end of it you’ll feel confident that you are feeding yourself and your family exactly what you should be eating for a healthy, happy life.  Check out the details HERE.

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