December 2015 Book Reviews

Maybe my slowest reading month of the year.  I read a pathetic FIVE books (versus my typical 8 or

Library basket looking a bit empty!
Library basket looking a bit empty!

more).  However, I did have a very busy month, so I guess that’s part of the holiday season with a thriving family!  I actually ended up reading 115 books this year, so really I shouldn’t be whining.

On to my favorites for the month . . .


What a beautiful book.  Although she is from my town, and I know several people who knew her, I’ve never met Kara Tippetts myself.  That didn’t stop me from falling in love with her writing.  In the midst of dying, Kara focused on living and loving well.  So inspirational.  My rating 4.5 out of 5.

Of course I loved Jen Hatmaker’s latest book – her writing is funny, honest and thought-provoking.  This book was a joy to read.  I actually took pictures of some of the “Thank you’s” and sent them to a few friends because they cracked me up so much!  My rating 4 out of 5.


What a fun book to read!  I loved the twists and turns – and I actually didn’t figure them all out ahead of time (which is always a thrill).  The book goes back and forth between the past and present, slowly disclosing an unsolved mystery.  I enjoyed how the different players perspectives each put a unique spin on the original situation – and that none of them knew the “real” truth until the end.  My rating 4 out of 5.

What were your favorite books from 2015?  Although I have a huge hold list at the library, I’m always looking for more terrific books to read.  Right now I’m in the midst of Rising Strong and This Is What Happy Looks Like, both of which I’m loving (for very different reasons!).

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  1. I downloaded Lake House from Audible last month and I haven’t listened to it yet. Thanks for the review! Can’t wait to listen to it. I’m reading The Happiness Project right now by Gretchen Rubin. I love this book. January is the perfect time to start reading her book.

    1. Wendy, I LOVED the Happiness Project – it’s one I actually purchased a few years ago and review on a regular basis. Enjoy Lake House!

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