Did I Eat That Frog?

What a fun month!  I have completely enjoyed working my way through Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop  ReviewProcrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time.  One day, one step at a time seems just right.  It’s been easy to read a short chapter and then implement the steps/ suggestions each day.

The big question is … has it worked?

I’d be lying if I told you that I am using all 21 tips/ strategies everyday now.  BUT, by trying each one out for a few days, I have found that there are a number of them that have stuck and are definitely increasing my overall daily productivity.

The strategies that I have found most useful (and that have become ingrained in my daily life) are:

  • The A, B, C, D, E method (Chapter 6).  Love this one!  It gives me a reason not to tackle the “easier tasks” first – when I don’t assign a priority that’s what I’ll tend to do, and of course then I run out of time before the tough and/or important tasks even get started.
  • Blocking time and no email 2x day for an hour (Chapters 19 and 17).  For tasks like writing or scheduling social media, these two work wonders!  I’ve even taken my dog on a little car ride along with a notebook, then parked and used that time computer free to get some writing work done!
  • Get it 80% right the first time and THEN go back to “perfect.”  (Chapter 9).  What a relief!  This keeps me from feeling like it has to be perfect and I have to have everything “ready” before I can begin.  Just cranking out a rough draft starts my momentum and knowing I will go back later to fix it keeps me moving through to completion.
  • Finally, the new motto that I repeat to myself each day when I assign my A,B,C’s to each task (Chapter 3): [tweetherder] “Resist the temptation to clear up small things first” ~Brian Tracy[/tweetherder] or as I like to call it:  “Productive Procrastination,” of which I was the QUEEN!  Before this month, I was always busy, yet never really finishing anything that was important but didn’t have a set deadline (and many of those items were done last minute).

Ready to hear just some of the results?  After all, the tips and methods are theoretically interesting but not very meaningful if they didn’t spur me to action, right?

I’ve made significant progress towards several of my 2015 goals (and note that it’s now September and I hadn’t done much of anything for some of them until this month . . .):

  • Website redesign – I know it doesn’t look different now, but it WILL.  I’ve had professional pictures taken, I’ve hired a web designer I’m working with and I’ve re-written my opt-in offer.  Check back the end of next month and you should see a very cleaned up site!
  • Social Media – I’ve successfully been using blocking to schedule social media for the month – SUCH a relief – then I can check in every day or so just for FUN
  • Less stress – what is critical and important is getting done

After a fun and productive September, I’m looking forward to switching gears and examining the concepts and practices of slowing down and simplifying.  It will be interesting to see if I stay as productive while moving towards a slower, simpler pace of life.

Did you notice I haven’t said much this month about The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change?  I’m still reading it, slowly, but I’m finding it less applicable to my daily life.  There is a lot of wisdom in this book, so I do plan on finishing it, but I will probably not blog about it.

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