Navigating Disney Springs Happy Hour: Tips & Tricks for Families

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If you are vacationing in Disney World and hunting for the perfect way to unwind after a day of adventure at a theme park, consider heading to Disney Springs for Happy Hour. Even though we live in the Midwest I visit Disney World several times a year, so I’ve got all the scoop on where to find the best deals and fun for your family.

Disney Springs is not just a shopping and dining destination; it’s a wonderful place to hang out and feel that Disney vibe without the stress of the parks. Whether you’re craving craft cocktails, delightful appetizers, or just a cool spot to relax, there’s a Happy Hour waiting for you.

I’m here to guide you through the top picks, drawing from my own travels, and I’ll do a deep dive into what makes each spot special. Trust me, I’ve done the legwork so you can easily enjoy the perks of Disney Springs Happy Hour.

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Sign for Jock Lindsey Hanger Bar

7+ BEST Disney Springs Happy Hours

1. Jock Lindsey’s Hanger Bar

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar is an absolute must-visit for anyone looking for a unique Happy Hour experience. Themed around Indiana Jones’ daring pilot, this bar offers an immersive atmosphere that’s both exciting and fun! The menu features a selection of appetizers and drinks that pay homage to Jock’s globetrotting adventures.

  • Pros: Unique theme, diverse menu, friendly atmosphere
  • Cons: Can get crowded, limited seating outdoors; limited happy hour times (Mon – Fri 12-3)
  • Why it’s great for families: Engaging décor, interactive elements for kids, and menu options that cater to various tastes make this spot a win.
  • My experience: During our last visit, we were charmed by the aviation-themed decor and the inventive drink options. Get the Air Pirate’s Cargo Loaded Pretzel – it’s delicious and fun for a group!
  • Price range: $$
  • On the Happy Hour menu: $8 select appetizers, and sip on $7 well drinks, select wines, and select draft beers
  • Best for: Anyone who loves adventure and storytelling
  • Location: The Landing – right on the water near The Boathouse
House of Blues in Disney Springs

2. House of Blues

House of Blues combines soulful music with mouthwatering Southern-inspired dishes, is always a fun place for Happy Hour! The laid-back atmosphere, coupled with live music on select nights, provides the perfect backdrop for families to enjoy some quality time just hanging out in the Florida sunshine.

  • Pros: Live music, delicious food, vibrant atmosphere
  • Cons: It might be loud for some families with smaller kids, wait times can be long during peak times
  • Why it’s great for families: House of Blues offers a cultural experience that’s engaging for parents and kids alike, plus a chance to introduce little ones to live music in a kid-friendly setting.
  • My experience: We’ve stopped here more than once for french fries and margaritas during Happy Hour. When the kids were little, they were fascinated by the musicians and the lively environment – now they just like the food and fun!
  • Price range: $$
  • On the Happy Hour menu: $2 off bottled & canned beer, $5 house wine and well drinks, $6 margaritas & Long Island Iced Teas
  • Best for: Families looking for an engaging dining experience
  • Location: 1490 E. Buena Vista Drive, Disney Springs

🌟Insider tip: House of Blues also has frequent concerts as well as a Sunday brunch if you are looking for other fun things to do in Disney Springs.

chocolate at Raglan Road in Disney Springs

3. Raglan Road

Step into a slice of Ireland at Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant, where the Happy Hour vibe is as authentic as it gets outside of the Emerald Isle. Known for its lively atmosphere, Raglan Road offers a selection of imported beers, creative cocktails, and appetizers that blend Irish traditional flavors with a modern twist.

  • Pros: Fun Irish atmosphere, live music and dance, extensive beer selection
  • Cons: Can be quite loud with long wait times during peak hours
  • Why it’s great for families: The live Irish music and dance performances keep the kids entertained and the atmosphere fun for the whole family.
  • My experience: The fish & chips are perfectly crispy, they have vegetarian options for my daughter, and when they were younger, the kids were utterly fascinated by the dancers. These days they go for the food, but still enjoy the atmosphere!
  • Price range: $$
  • On the Happy Hour menu: $6 domestic beer (draught) and $6 well drinks
  • Best For: Families who enjoy lively, cultural experiences and something unique!
  • Location: 1640 E. Buena Vista Drive, Disney Springs

🤩 Want to be able to walk to Disney Springs from your hotel? Check out the highly-rated Drury Inn & Suites as a terrific family-friendly option.

clam linquine at Terralina in Disney Springs

4. Terralina Crafted Italian

Terralina Crafted Italian brings the warmth and charm of Italy to Disney Springs, with a Happy Hour that’s as inviting as a family gathering in an Italian home. And don’t rule out staying for dinner as the food is delicious. My daughter and I have split the seafood linguine on several occasions and the bread is fabulous!

  • Pros: Cozy atmosphere, yummy Italian cuisine
  • Cons: Limited Happy Hour menu options
  • Why it’s great for families: The welcoming environment and kid-friendly Italian favorites make everyone feel at home. Italian is usually a sure bet for most kids.
  • My experience: Sipping on a crisp white wine at the outside bar while people-watching was the perfect way to relax and enjoy the start of an evening at Disney Springs.
  • Price range: $$
  • On the Happy Hour menu: $6 for some beers, 1/2 off some wines
  • Best for: someone just wanting a simple beer or glass of wine
  • Location: 1650 E. Buena Vista, Disney Springs
Happy Hour sign for Paradiso37

5. Paradiso 37

Celebrating the flavors of North, South, and Central America, Paradiso 37 offers a simple but effective Happy Hour with just a few affordably priced drinks. The lively atmosphere, complemented by appetizers that span the continents, makes this spot one we visit from time to time – especially if we are in the mood for nachos and margaritas with a view.

  • Pros: Diverse menu, waterfront location, lively atmosphere, you can grab a happy hour drink to go
  • Cons: Can be loud, busy during peak times
  • Why it’s great for families: Offers a diverse menu that has something for everyone in the family, from picky eaters to adventurous foodies.
  • My experience: I’ve always been a fan of their nachos, guac, and chips, and since margaritas are typically my cocktail of choice, I’ll often grab one of those during happy hour – even if we plan on eating dinner elsewhere.
  • Price Range: $$
  • On the Happy Hour menu: $8 house margaritas and $7 beer
  • Best for: Families looking to explore diverse cuisines in a fun setting, or someone who just wants a drink to go as you can get that here!
  • Location: 1590 E. Buena Vista Drive, Disney Springs

6. Jaleo

One of the newer restaurants in Disney Springs is Jaleo. Jaleo brings the vibrant flavors of Spain to Disney Springs, offering a Happy Hour that’s both colorful and lively – and includes food which most of the other Disney Springs Happy Hours don’t!

  • Pros: Authentic Spanish cuisine, vibrant atmosphere, tapas-style dining
  • Cons: Portions can be small for the price
  • Why it’s great for families: Tapas-style dining encourages sharing and trying new things, making it a fun culinary adventure for kids and adults alike.
  • My experience: Sharing a selection of tapas was very fun. The sangria was also among the best I’ve had.
  • Price range: $$$
  • On the Happy Hour menu: Sangria plus a variety of other drinks and appetizers for $6 – $8. Hours are 4:00 – 6:00 in the bar area.
  • Best for: Families looking for an upscale, yet casual dining experience or someone who wants to try Jalelo without shelling out the big bucks for dinner.
  • Location: 1482 E. Buena Vista Dr. Disney Springs

🤩Want to arrive at Disney Springs via boat? We often stay at Saratoga Springs and love the convenience of walking or riding the free boat!

STK Steakhouse in Disney Springs

7. STK

STK Orlando offers a chic and modern take on the traditional steakhouse, with a Happy Hour that’s perfect for families looking to enjoy premium dishes in a trendy setting. The menu includes discounted appetizers, signature cocktails, and a selection of wines that complement the upscale ambiance.

  • Pros: High-quality steaks, chic atmosphere, premium cocktail selection
  • Cons: Can be tough to get into, the atmosphere may be too sophisticated for younger children
  • Why it’s great for families: Offers a more refined dining experience for families wanting to treat themselves to premium cuts and sophisticated flavors.
  • My Experience: I tend to love the appetizers at a good steakhouse, and STK was no exception – it was a great way to enjoy some of their yummy food at a much lower price, and the happy hour menu is actually pretty substantial – you could easily fill up and skip a big dinner (maybe enjoy ice cream later at Ghiradelli instead?). The Happy Hour deals made it more accessible for my whole family to enjoy it without breaking the bank.
  • Price range: $$$$
  • On the Happy Hour menu: A variety of cocktails, wine and food for $3, $6 and $9. Monday to Friday: 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM; Saturday & Sunday: 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM; Sunday to Thursday: 10:00 PM to close
  • Best for: Families or couples seeking a high-end dining experience
  • Location: 1580 E. Buena Vista, Disney Springs
Planet Hollywood in Disney Springs

8. Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood at Disney Springs delivers a Happy Hour experience that’s as much about the memorabilia and movie magic as it is about food and drinks. With a menu that features classic American favorites and a selection of themed cocktails, it’s a great spot for families looking for entertainment with their meal.

  • Pros: Fun atmosphere filled with movie memorabilia, kid-friendly menu, themed cocktails
  • Cons: Can be touristy, inconsistent wait times
  • Why it’s great for families: The movie-themed decor and memorabilia offer a unique backdrop for dining if you decide to eat dinner after Happy Hour.
  • My experience: The kids were thrilled to see costumes from their favorite movies, and it gave them something fun to check out while we were enjoying a few adult beverages.
  • Price range: $$
  • On the Happy Hour menu: Happy Hour is in the Stargazers bar from 4-7 and offers a variety of drink specials – no food, so it’s a drinks-only situation.
  • Best for: Families looking for a fun and casual experience with a touch of Hollywood
  • Location: 1506 E. Buena Vista, Disney Springs

Other Terrific Happy Hour Options in Disney Springs

Although not “true” happy hours, these two restaurants have some unique deals that I think are fantastic.

9. Margarita Mondays at Frontera Cocina

Margarita Mondays at Frontera Cocina offer a lively start to the week with $5 for their classic margaritas. It’s one of my favorite ways to indulge in some of the best margaritas in town while kicking off a week of Disney fun!

10. Wine Bar George Basket

Wine Bar George is one of my favorite restaurants in Disney Springs (or really anywhere), but when we can’t squeeze in dinner there, I like to visit Wine Bar George – The Basket which is their walk-up window.

You can grab a few snacks to go, and if you buy a Corkcircle you’ll get a free drink with it, Get the Frozcato with Dole Whip – it’s decadent and perfect on a hot summer day!

bunch of Disney balloons with a blue sky background

FAQs About Happy Hours in Disney Springs

Does Disney World have happy hour?

Although the Disney World parks do not have happy hour, several restaurants in Disney Springs do.

Does Disney Springs have happy hour?

Yes, several of the restaurants in Disney Springs have happy hour.

What day is best to go to Disney Springs?

We often go to Disney Springs on arrival or departure day.

Can you spend a full day at Disney Springs?

Yes, with all the shopping, dining and entertainment it’s easy to spend a full day at Disney Springs.

🤩 Stay at Saratoga Springs for easy access to Disney Springs Happy Hours

map of the Sassagoula River and all it's stops in Disney world

Final Thoughts: Disney Springs Happy Hours

After exploring the top Happy Hour spots in Disney Springs, it’s clear that there’s a little something for everyone. Whether you’re seeking the lively beats of an Irish pub, the cozy warmth of an Italian trattoria, or the adventurous flavors of a Spanish fiesta, Disney Springs has you covered. Each location offers its unique blend of culinary delights, refreshing beverages, and an atmosphere that can turn a simple Happy Hour into a memorable part of your Disney vacation.

Remember, the key to enjoying these Happy Hour specials is to plan ahead. Check the hours as most of the time happy hour runs from Monday through Thursday or Friday for a few hours at sometime between 12 and 6 – and I’ve noticed that they change frequently! There isn’t really a daily happy hour as weekends are often excluded. However, taking that bit of time to research or call ahead can help you enjoy some fantastic deals that are friendly on the wallet.

So, the next time you find yourself planning your Disney trip, remember this guide – let my experiences with Disney Springs happy hours save you time and money! Cheers to making more unforgettable memories with your family!

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