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Kind of a silly question right?  I mean after all, who doesn’t want to live a charmed life?

I think most of us agree that living a charmed life would be fantastic, but what if I told you it was completely accessible to YOU?  To each of us?  Would you think I’m crazy?  Or want to learn how to do it for yourself?

I love this idea of living a charmed life and have been recently reading Victoria Moran’s book on the topic Creating a Charmed Life: Sensible, Spiritual Secrets Every Busy Woman Should Know which has gotten me thinking about my life and how “charmed” it really is.  When I define a charmed life for myself, it includes things like strong relationships, a healthy body, work that I enjoy, time for fun and relaxation, excitement and energy.  Sounds an awful lot like what I have been working on for the past few years.  It’s also exactly what I work on creating with my coaching clients.  I’ve just been calling it “a life you love” versus a “charmed life”.

Sure, I get lost sometimes along the way (as we all do), but overall, the life I’m striving for and living most days is exactly right for me.  The exciting thing is that each of us has that life that is perfect for us – and it is different for all of us.  Even better, it’s really not all that difficult to achieve.  It just takes time and some concentrated effort.  First we need to figure out what our charmed life looks like.  Only then can we make a plan to get there.

If you aren’t sure how to start, let me suggest a few questions to ask yourself.  Why don’t you grab a notebook and a pen, write these questions down and then spend some time answering them.

  1.  What does a “life you love” or a “charmed life”  look like for you?  What feelings do you want to have?  What would you like to be doing?  Who would you be with?
  2. How far away from this are you today?  Would this be a complete turnaround from the life you are living today?  Or are there areas of your life already there?  Areas that just need some small tweaks?
  3. What are your obstacles?  What is stopping you from achieving a life you love?
  4. How could you overcome those obstacles?

I know this exercise won’t get you to a charmed life overnight, but it’s a start to the process.  Even if you can only identify one area you can make some improvements in – and figure out how to overcome the obstacles for that area, you are on your way to living a life you love – YOUR charmed life.

So what does your charmed life look like?  I’d love to see your thoughts in the comments or on my Facebook page!

Good luck in beginning to create a charmed life for yourself, and if this is an area you need support in, contact me for a FREE clarity call – we will talk through some of these questions and decide if one of my programs would be the perfect fit for helping you reach your goals!

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