Do Your Relationships Suffer During the Holidays?

Does it feel like you are too busy to spend time with your friends this holiday season?  Ironic isn’t it since the holidays are supposed to be all about family and fellowship?Tree Lights

When I hear myself uttering the phrase “I’m just too busy”, my first thought is – okay then, I must be doing too much.  Pretty obvious, right?

The best thing to do if you feel yourself falling into that situation is to take out your calendar immediately and find at least one thing you can cross off your “to-do” list.  Or if it’s something that absolutely has to be done, think creatively about who else could help you with that task – and then ask for that help.  I know it’s hard to ask for help, but for your own health and sanity, sometimes you just have to suck it up and ask.

Now take a good look at these last few months of the year and make some strategic decisions for next year to keep too much hustle and bustle from happening again.  Is there something you are doing or someplace you are going that you are doing just because you’ve “always done it that way”?  If it isn’t serving you any longer, this is your chance to remove it.  Don’t replace it with anything else – leave that space in your life empty.

Empty space in our life is often where the magic happens.

Don’t despair if this year is a lost cause – you can STILL have quality time with those you love – even with a jam-packed schedule.  I’ll share some ideas next week, but for now, please take a look at your calendar and see if there isn’t something you can remove.

What am I going to remove?

I’m going to pass on making a ton of Christmas cookies this year.  I will still make one batch of my favorites with the kids, but that’s all I’m doing.  We all get plenty of treats and so there is no need for more!  What are YOU going to remove?  Share it in the comments – we learn best from each other and your idea might spark one for someone else!

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