Does it snow in Indiana? YES! And How to Enjoy It!

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Winter is coming, and for those of you who aren’t native Hoosiers, you are probably curious about our weather. I bet you want to know “Does it snow in Indiana in the winter?”

What are Indiana winters like? Does Indiana get snow? Does it snow a lot in Indiana? Is it cold? Or balmy? Although our weather changes often, we do tend to get snow in Indiana in the winter. And every year we Hoosiers ask ourselves “How much snow will Indiana get this winter?”

👉 Make sure you are fully prepared for snow in Indiana by ensuring you have everything on this list!

does it snow in Indiana? This snowy trail verifies that it does snow in Indiana.

When does it start snowing in Indiana?

When does it snow in Indiana? Although the first snowfall can happen as early as November, typically we get a light dusting sometime in December and then the real Indiana snow happens in January and February.

When is the last snowfall in Indiana?

It’s been known to snow in late April, but luckily that snow never lasts. Usually by mid to late March the majority of the snow is gone. Indiana might get a light snow or ice storm in late March/ early April, but the weather might also be lovely – you just don’t know!

How often does it snow in Indiana?

There have been years where it is snowy from December through March with lots of snow and other years where we only get one good snowfall.

Bernie loves the snow in Indiana

Typically there will be 3 or 4 decent (a few inches) snowfalls between January and February.

Does Indiana get a lot of snow?

There have been years that Indiana gets a lot of snow (especially the northern part of the state), but typically there are only a few snowfalls each year of 4- 6″ and the rest are just an inch or so. The average annual snowfall in Indiana is 22 inches.

What is the average temperature in Indiana in the winter?

The average temperature in Indiana in the winter hovers around 35°F – 45°F degrees. In January and February, there will be days when temperatures are in the single digits, but luckily not every day.

wear snow boots in Indiana when it snows

Fun things to do when it snows in Indiana

Overall, Indiana winters tend to be cold and grey, so snow is actually a welcome relief. Especially if it’s a rare blue-sky snow day. At least with the snow in Indiana, you can get out and enjoy winter!

1. Sledding in Indiana

As soon as there is enough snow for sledding, you can bet the sledding hills are FULL of families enjoying racing down the hills.

Most towns and cities have at least one good hill for sledding, and several of the larger cities and state parks even have designated sledding hills.

We are lucky enough to live near a golf course with a few big hills – so as soon as there is enough snow, the kids head out of the backyard to enjoy sledding down those hills – and if I decide not to tag along, I’m inside making hot chocolate and popcorn for when they return.

2. Cross-country skiing/ Snowshoeing

Since much of Indiana is flat, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are fantastic ways to enjoy a snowy day! Most golf courses allow skiers and snowshoers to explore the open area and many of the parks have trails available too!

Invest in snowshoes to fully enjoy snow in Indiana.

As soon as we get enough snow, the first thing I do is strap on my snowshoes and head out to the backyard to traverse the nearby golf course. It’s a fun way to get some fresh air and a little exercise!

👉 Snowshoes are surprisingly affordable and a good pair will last for years making it a terrific winter investment. They don’t take up a lot of room, so we even pack ours for when we head out of town to snowy destinations. Consider investing in a pair like these and enjoy snowshoeing for years to come!

3. Winter hiking

Most of the local parks and state parks in Indiana allow winter hiking. If you have a good pair of snow boots and are dressed warmly, it’s a wonderful way to enjoy a different kind of hiking.

Hike in the winter in Indiana

The trails are absolutely gorgeous covered in snow and it can be a fun and easy family outing – especially if you warm up with hot chocolate afterward!

4. Skiing in Indiana

For native Hoosiers, this suggestion probably is making you shake your head and laugh as Indiana is known for being a pretty flat state, however, there ARE a few places to enjoy downhill skiing.

Southern Indiana has some hills, and two of those hills are set up for skiing. Nope, it’s nowhere near skiing in the West, nor is it even close to Southern or Northern Michigan skiing, but it can still be a really fun day trip or weekend getaway.

Pack your skis for a fun day of skiing in Indiana

If you want to give skiing a try, the two options in Indiana are Paoli Peaks and Perfect North.

Paoli Peaks is located in Paoli, Indiana about an hour north of Louisville, KY. Because of its location, there are plenty of other things to keep you busy when you aren’t on the slopes.

A few favorites include exploring the beautiful French Lick Resort and West Baden Springs, checking out the French Lick Winery, and hopefully winning money at the French Lick Casino.

👉 Make a weekend of your visit to Paoli Peaks by staying at the highly-rated Best Western Plus French Lick.

Perfect North is a bit larger and located close to Cincinnati, OH so it tends to get a lot of the Southern Ohio crowd too. It would also be fun to combine a day of skiing with a day exploring Cincinnati.

Skiing is a wonderful way to enjoy the winter in Indiana

In addition to 22 runs (with a nice mix of easy to difficult), Perfect North also has a tubing hill, so if some of your party doesn’t ski, they can still enjoy winter fun. Most of the high school ski trips make their way to Perfect North, so expect to see plenty of teenagers on the slopes.

Perfect North has ski rentals if you don’t have your own skis and they also offer lessons if you want to learn to ski or snowboard.

👉 Book a room at the DoubleTree by Hilton located on the river in Lawrenceburg, Indiana for easy access to Perfect North and enjoy a winter weekend getaway!

5. Tobogganing in Indiana

Tobogganing is a great option because it’s not as snow-dependent as some of these other activities. And Indiana has a unique option for enjoying it. You can go tobogganing at Pokagon State Park from late November through February.

Pokagon State Park Toboggan Run

In addition to zooming down the refrigerated toboggan run, Pokagon State Park also has cross-country trails and wonderful year-round hiking. It’s truly a wonderful place for a winter weekend getaway.

👉 If Tobogganing at Pokagon State Park sounds like a perfect winter day trip or a weekend getaway, check out this post for more details.

6. Ice Skating

It’s true you don’t need snow to ice skate, but let’s be real – a light snowfall definitely feels more wintery, right?

Enjoy ice skating this winter in Indiana

Ice skating can be found all over Indiana, from the beautiful rink during the Carmel Christkindlmarkt to the local rinks in many small towns. If you haven’t been ice skating lately, add it to your Indiana winter agenda – you’ll have a great time!

7. Snow Tubing in Indiana

My final suggestion for a fun way to enjoy the snow is to find yourself a place to go snow tubing in Indiana and have a terrific afternoon outside!

Just north of Indianapolis, you can enjoy snow tubing at Kotewwei Run Snow Tubing in Strawtown, IN. You don’t need to bring any equipment, just dress warmly and let the tow rope pull you back to the top after you zoom down the groomed hill!

Snow tubing is also available at both Paoli Peak and Perfect North. Ski one day and enjoy snow tubing in Indiana the next day and you’ve got yourself a lovely Midwest winter weekend getaway!

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Conclusion: Does it snow in Indiana?

So the answer to the question “Is there snow in Indiana?” is, yes, it does snow in Indiana! If you plan on visiting Indiana during December through March you are quite likely to encounter snow, so expect it and make the most of it!

I try to make sure we get outside and enjoy every snowfall in Indiana by sledding, snowshoeing, or even winter hiking. The more snow, the more fun we can have during a cold Indiana winter!


Does it snow in Indiana? For those non-native Hoosiers, this article clears up that question AND offers you ideas for enjoying a snowy Indiana winter! #indiana #winterfun #getoutside
Does it snow in Indiana? For those non-native Hoosiers, this article clears up that question AND offers you ideas for enjoying a snowy Indiana winter! #indiana #winterfun #getoutside