Does Your House Smell?

I used to have an obsession with the chemcial laden plug ins that promised a lovely scent in your house.  I’m not

My diffuser on vacation!

going to name names, because it doesn’t really matter which brand – they ALL have chemicals in them.  I have to admit since we’ve almost always had pets it was such a relief to walk into a house that smelled like cinammon or something beachy versus wet dog.  So even though I had concerns about what I was putting into the air we breathe, I kept on doing it.

Thank goodness I learned about essential oils!  Now I have a way to make my house smell terrific without adding fake ingredients to the air.

Although I use my essential oils in many ways, one that I consistently do daily is diffuse oils throughout the house.  There are so many varieties of diffusers out there, but as long as they use water and essential oils only, I haven’t found a huge difference in performance.  Most diffusers will last a few  years if you wipe them out regularly so they are very cost effective.  I love mine so much I travel with at least one when we go on vacation!  Tomorrow I’ll do a Facebook Live video sharing some of my favorite blends as well as how to use the diffusers, but attached below are reviews (and links) to the ones I own and use regularly:

This InnoGear is a nice entry level diffuser – it’s reasonably priced (and often on sale), and the quality seems to be decent.  It has a light function too which is kinda fun and great for a night light for kids or when traveling.  I have one of these for each of our bedrooms.

Some other diffusers available on my Young Living site (just search diffusers under Shop for Products):

Travel fan diffuser

Originally I bought two of these travel fan diffusers and I like them for when I don’t have room for my larger diffuser.  They are very portable and can be used with batteries or plugged into the wall.  You will eventually have to buy refills for the oil pads, so they can end up being a bit more expensive – they are also a bit noisy.

Home Diffuser

This is a great standard home diffuser.  It’s more expensive than some, but large enough to handle a bigger space.  I have one in my entryway and sometimes it moves to the kitchen.  Eventually I’ll pick up another one so I don’t have to move it back and forth.

You can also find car or USB diffusers – I sometimes use them and sometimes I just stick a cotton ball with a few drops of essential oil in my car’s heat fan:

I always recommend starting with one diffuser and trying it out – see what you think – if you like it.  That’s what I did and now I have one in almost every room of the house.  The great thing about the little portable diffusers (like the InnoGear from Amazon above) is that they aren’t very expensive, and they travel very well.  Just make sure to empty them before packing (yep, I’ve forgotten to do that), wrap them in a plastic bag and pack soft items around the diffuser to help protect it.

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