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Don’t let those pesky bugs bother you – try Citronella Oil

I love, love, love being outside in the summer.  I can happily spend all day outside – meals included.  essential oils

What I don’t love?  Bugs.  Especially bugs that bite or annoy – like those pesky mosquitos.

Luckily for me (and perhaps you?), our Oil of the Month this June is Citronella.

If you hate using commercial bug spray – especially those containing DEET on yourself and your kids, than this is the oil for you.

You’ve probably used citronella candles before and been pleased with their effectiveness – why not try the oil.  The Young Living version contains 100% pure therapeutic grade citronella (Cymbopogon nardus) leaf/stem essential oil.  Completely natural, no additives or chemicals.

But, how to use?  Do you just dab it on?  Diffuse it?  

Well, yes to both.  You can dab a little on your pulse points, you can bring a portable diffuser outside with you and diffuse it, or you can try some of these ideas:

Make a bug deterrent lotion:

12 drops peppermint oil, 12 drops citronella oil, 12 drops lemon oil, 12 drops Thieves oil.  Mix with coconut oil and store in a glass jar.  Apply as needed.

Make a natural bug spray:

12 drops citronella, 8 drops purification, 8 drops lavender.  Mix with a few ounces of water in a glass or aluminum spray bottle.  Spritz on legs and arms when you’ll be outside.

I tried both of these recipes, and discovered that the lotion worked best for me.  Plus it had the added advantage of making my skin super soft!  I have read some advice to keep usage for children under 6 to a minimum, and to make sure and dilute the oil for children over 6.  So, if that is your situation, I’d recommend doing more research before using this on your kids.   My kids are both over 6 so I felt better using this than chemicals – however, I did use it sparingly.  I also can’t vouch for the effectiveness of any oils other than Young Living as that is what I used and tested.

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