Easy and Healthy School Lunches

Wherever you live, I suspect school is back in full swing by now. school lunches

A few years ago, I did a post on my lunch “formula.”   The method I use to pack easy, healthy lunches for my kids.  This is still exactly how I do it, but as an update I thought I’d delve a little deeper into the details.

Every week, I try to mix up the lunches so that the kids eat a variety of foods.  Below is an example week – you can see that each lunch follows my “formula,” but contains slightly different components.

  • M – salad with leftover grilled chicken, cucumbers and sliced peppers, berries, pretzels, chocolate covered blueberries, water
  • T – yogurt with granola, snap peas, watermelon, crackers, water
  • W – hummus and pretzel crisps, celery/cucumber/carrots, sliced peaches/plums, chocolate square, water
  • Th – soup or chili, whole apple, crackers, carrots, water
  • F – peanut butter & jelly sandwich, applesauce, cucumbers, Pirate’s Booty or popcorn, water

Notice how earlier in the week I include berries, watermelon, peppers and snap peas.  The items that are freshest and taste best right after I purchase them.  Apples and carrots tend to last longer so they are typically reserved for Thursday/Friday.  Ditto for peanut butter and jelly.

I also often tuck a little note or joke in the lunchbox – not every day, but definitely several times a week.  Right now I’m LOVING Lunchbox Love – they are easy, pretty and fun, but you could totally take a post it note and make your own.

I tend to prep and pack lunches the night before – usually while I’m making or cleaning up dinner.  Makes the mornings super easy.

If we don’t have leftovers, I usually follow this same formula for myself but with quick to prepare foods like Avocado Toast or a Caprese Salad.

What do you do for school lunches?  Do you dread this time of year?  Or have a process like mine to make it as easy as possible?

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