Easy, Healthy Snacks for MOM!

After two weeks of school, we are back into a solid routine.  Yes!  Part of it means that due to nightly sports practices, dinner are being eaten much later.  So, in addition to fixing the kids a snack after school each day, I’ve been fixing myself one also! Healthy Peanut Butter & Chocolate Treats!

If I’m going to eat a snack every day, I need to make sure it’s healthy, right?  I’ve found that by adding a filling and healthy snack to my later afternoon routine, I can avoid stuffing my face with everything in sight as I prepare dinner (not that that has ever happened!).

Since I’m hungry, tired and dealing with homework, carpooling, sports and cranky kids, I created a list of go to snacks.  This way it’s one less decision to make.  I can grab my snack (and often the kids eat the same thing), and feel confident I made a good choice.

What’s on my list?

There are three main categories I enjoy:  savory, salty and sweet.


  • Tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and basil (frequent right now while the tomatoes are ripe!)
  • Hummus with sliced cucumber and celery
  • Crackers and cheese


  • peanuts
  • popcorn
  • edamame with sea salt


  • apples & peanut butter dip
  • “healthy” fudge
  • yogurt, frozen blueberries and granola

Having the snacks ready (or at least the ingredients prepped) makes life SO easy!  I just pull out what I feel like enjoying and I’m satisfied and able to wait for a later dinner.  All of these snacks can be prepped ahead of time (I cut up veggies on Sunday or Monday night to have on hand all week) or made in 2 to 3 minutes.  And yes, I timed it!  Most are also portable if I need to hit the road and enjoy them while watching soccer or swim.

How do you handle busy school nights?  Do you have go-to snacks for yourself and/or the kids?  What are they?

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