Easy Tips to Earn Extra Money!

Two Easy Ways to Make Extra Money on the Side

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Working on your travel funds? There are all kinds of easy ways to make extra money to put towards vacations. Today, I’m sharing two of my all-time favorite (and easy) ways to make a little extra cash! Neither of these requires a lot of work, and the money you make can add up quickly with minimal effort.

Make extra money for travel
Earn extra money for your next vacation!

Not only am I sharing the best of my money-making tips, but I’m also sharing how much I made off of each of them with one month of my normal use.

An Easy Way to Make Extra Money by Searching the Internet

Swagbucks – Although there are all kinds of ways to earn Swagbucks, I typically only use it as a search engine. Instead of opening up my normal web browser, I open up Swagbucks and do all my searches from there.

A few times a week, I’ll randomly earn 4 – 20 Swagbucks. Every once in a while I’ll watch a video, complete a survey, or purchase something through a shopping link (but only if the site isn’t on Rakuten).

Swagbucks Logo

I tracked my Swagbucks earnings for the month of July and I earned 52 Swagbucks simply by doing my internet searches through it. For the month of June, it was 45. May was 54.

The only thing you need to remember is to open up Swagbucks when you log onto your computer each day and then go to that page for every search you do. You can also download a bar that will automatically remind you to use it. Pretty darn simple.

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Every 100 Swagbucks is the equivalent of about $1. Once you accumulate enough Swagbucks, you can trade them in for gift cards.

I typically use them for Dunkin cards which I then use to purchase coffee to fuel our road trips, but you can also find gift cards for Southwest, Uber, Delta, tons of restaurants, and more. Even Amazon!

What’s especially nice is that they often run sales, so if you are patient you can often get a card for 2% – 20% fewer Swagbucks.

Free caffeine for the road with my Swagbucks giftcards!

Based on the three months I tracked, I average 600 Swagbucks each year for doing something I’m already doing. However, with the occasional purchases, surveys, and special bonuses that occur, I actually tend to get closer to 4,000. Then I wait for a sale and typically end up with a $25 – $30 gift card.

Insider Tip: I do know of several people who cover all their Christmas shopping through Amazon with Swagbucks – they just devote a lot more time to it than I do! Maybe someday I’ll do an experiment to see how much I can earn with a little extra effort. It might be fun to devote 15 minutes a day to it and see what happens.

👉 Sign up through this Swagbucks link and you’ll earn a bonus of 300 Swagbucks if you earn 300 Swagbucks in your first 30 days. That’s worth at least $6 in the first month!

An Easy Way to Make Extra Money by Making Purchases Through the Internet

The second method I’m sharing is probably my favorite of all my money-making tips. Rakuten.

Rakuten is such an easy way to earn actual cashback on things you already plan on purchasing online. You simply go to Rakuten before you make an online purchase, type in the name of the retailer and purchase through the page Rakuten sends you to.

Rebates change often but range between 1% to 10% of your total purchase.

Stacking tip: Before you make an online purchase, search for Rakuten through Swagbucks and if you are super lucky you’ll earn bonus Swagbucks for going to the Rakuten site!

Use Rakuten for cash back on your onling shopping!

Every quarter, Rakuten will send you an actual check (or put money in your Paypal account) for the rebate amount that you earned! It’s super simple and a great way to earn a little extra vacation cash.

For example, in 4Q19, I earned $54.70, and in 1Q20 I earned $17.98. I average $100 to $150 a year. CASH! That’s a night in a hotel or a really nice dinner or two.

There are so many stores available on Rakuten – everything from hotels, car rentals, and Orbitz to the Gap. Sometimes Amazon even offers cashback. Nine times out of ten I get a little something back for everything I purchase online thanks to Rakuten.

👉 Sign up through this Rakuten link and you’ll get an extra $10 or more after your first purchase using Rakuten. Pretty sweet, right?

Originally I was going to share all of my money-making tips, but I quickly realized that would make for a VERY long blog post.

So, instead, this will be a new blog series. Expect another post next month with a few more great programs for making extra cash for your next vacation.


Do you love to travel but are struggling find ways to save money for it? This is the first in a series of easy and effective ways to make extra money on the side. By the end of the series you'll have multiple ways to make or save extra cash! #sidehustle #makemoney #savemoney #travelmore
Do you love to travel but are struggling find ways to save money for it? This is the first in a series of easy and effective ways to make extra money on the side. By the end of the series you'll have multiple ways to make or save extra cash! #sidehustle #makemoney #savemoney #travelmore

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  1. I love this. There is always a way and these are great tips to start adding to your vacation fund.

  2. I’ve never heard of Swagbucks so I’m going to start searching using it. Let’s see how much money I can earn. I like the idea of getting gift cards for DD for road trips. That works for my family. My girls and I are hooked on their frozen chocolate.

    1. Then it’s the perfect treat for your family! I’d love to hear how much you make in the next few months.

  3. These are great ways to earn a little income by doing what you’re doing anyway. I downloaded Rakuten a while ago, but have never really used it…will have to check out Swagbucks as well. Every bit helps the travel budget!

    1. Exactly – every little bit – and these are both more routines to get into than doing anything challenging.

  4. I teach aerobics and everything I make goes into a vacation fund! I get to do two things I love exercise and travel!

  5. I have gotten so much extra money from both Swagbucks and Rakuten. They are easy ways to earn a little extra travel money.

  6. If you want to make some *real* money, check out my fave side gig. $720 this month, in 8 minutes. No kidding!

  7. Thanks for sharing your tips and introducing me to Swagbucks. I love that you can make money just by doing your regular searches! What a great concept!

  8. I have heard of Rakuten but wasn’t sure if it was worth the time (since I participate in other similar services). Since you describe it as your favorite, I may be convinced to try it

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