Easy Ways to Make Extra Money for Travel

Easy Ways to Make Extra Money on the Side – Part 4

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Are you ready for a few more easy ways to make extra money on the side? Some fun and easy side hustles? I know I am always on the lookout for ways to save and earn money for travel. The more I can save up or earn, the more places we can go and things we can do. A definite win in my book!

If you missed the rest of this series, check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Combine them all and you’ll have a nice little stash of savings for your next trip!

Save Money with Groupon

f you haven’t used Groupon before, it might finally be time to check it out. Groupon offers so many different deals for things to do, restaurants, and attractions.

If you are planning a trip, do a quick search for available Groupon deals at the location. You might find a fun new restaurant to try, a show, or even an activity that you hadn’t thought of. All for a fraction of the regular price.

Going to concerts is one of our favorite ways to use Groupons!

In addition to using Groupon when you travel, it can be a terrific resource for finding local things to do. Especially if you were planning on doing something anyway, now you’ve saved money on it and can put that towards your travel fund.

There is also a section specifically for travel in Groupon. I haven’t purchased anything through this section, so I can’t give you my thoughts on it, but I do see some great deals on hotels and trips there.

We've gotten wine tastings several times through Groupon

I’ve added the app to my phone and if we are out and about or on a trip, I’ll do a quick search to see if there is anything we want to try. We’ve enjoyed concerts, wine tastings, guided tours, and more thanks to Groupon!

Stacking tip: When you go to Groupon from your computer, do a search on Rakuten to get there and you’ll get cashback on any purchase – so now you’ve saved even MORE money!

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Earn Extra Money with Mystery Shopping

One of my most consistent side hustles is Mystery Shopping. I’ve been doing it for twenty-five years. It sounds really long now that I write that! It’s not a way to get rich quickly, and it IS work, not free money. However, it IS a terrific way to make a little extra cash and/or save money on things you would normally spend money on.

If it’s a busy season of life, I tend to just do one or two shops per month with my favorite companies mostly so I stay in their good graces. That means about $10 – $15 cash plus another $25 – $100 in restaurant food, retail items, etc.

Mystery shopping bootcamp

For seasons where I have more free time, I’ll often complete 2 or 3 shops a week. That translates to about $100 cash (or more) and several hundred in free items.

I have found that the more shops you complete, the better shops you’ll start receiving. So, although you may start out with low-paying (but easy) fast food shops, eventually you’ll become “known” in the industry and be able to easily pick up fine dining and hotel shops.

Through the years, I’ve completed everything from retail, casino shops, fast food, fine dining, hotel shops, and even a few resort stay shops. It’s fun in that every shop is a little different and who doesn’t love knowing you’ll get reimbursed for whatever you spend on dinner or your hotel room?

Mystery shop dinner

If this sounds like something you’d like to try, check out my short online course Mystery Shopping Bootcamp. In this easy course, I share exactly how to get started, how to find shops, and tips and tricks to make the process a little easier!

👉 Reader Bonus: Drop me a note after you sign up for the course and I’ll send you referral links to all my favorite companies – I can’t share them specifically in the course or online (not allowed), but I CAN share referrals to people I know.


Do you love to travel? Looking for ways to grow your travel fund? Here are two fun and easy ways to save and make money for your next trip! #savemoney #travelfund #travelplanning
Do you love to travel? Looking for ways to grow your travel fund? Here are two fun and easy ways to save and make money for your next trip! #savemoney #travelfund #travelplanning