Encourage Your Kids to Grow

Did you try something new last week?  I read a book in a genre I normally wouldn’t (The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money, and Miracles) and found myself actually taking notes!  It was so interesting, I put a hold on a similar book at my local library.Never Stop Growing

Just like it’s important to always be learning and growing yourself, it is also worth passing on that passion to your kids (or really anyone else in your life).  Although all of last week’s tips could apply to your family, I want to share a few additional thoughts:

  1. Lead by example.  I believe this is the most critical.  [tweetherder]Our kids follow our lead [/tweetherder]- even if they don’t listen to what you say, I guarantee they are watching what you do.
  2. Do something together.  What a great relationship builder – as well as potentially fun for both of you.  Interesting conversations, time together and deeper connections are sure to follow.
  3. Cheer them on.  I know my kids love it when I pay attention to what they are doing – what a perfect opportunity to build self-esteem, patience and perseverance.

Learning something new isn’t easy and support from YOU can help your children power through and stop them from giving up.  Sometimes you may even need to let them fail – and I know this isn’t easy – as mama’s, our instinct is to protect our kids from everything.  However, this might be the perfect time to allow for failure – and allow for growth.

How are YOU going to help your kids grow this month?

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