Lemon Oil “Recipes”

I have to say that I LOVE this oil.  It has so many uses and I’ve really enjoyed all of them.  It’s also affordable which is great since some of these oils can be really pricey.   Even with as much as I’ve used this month, there is still plenty left in my small bottle.

Ready for the recipes?

1.  Last week I shared Lemon Water – YUM!

2.   Need an air freshener?  Use Essential Oils and you’ll keep chemicals out of the air.  Simply add 5-7 drops of lemon oil to a spray bottle mixed with distilled water.  Easy and natural.

blog 001

3.  How about a homemade dryer sheet?  No need to add chemical-laden dryer sheets to your laundry – just add a few drops of lemon oil to a damp washcloth and stick it in your dryer with your wet load.

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4.  This has been my favorite – use lemon oil in a diffuser.  Thanks to my lovely diffuser I can easily add a fresh scent to my house without using plug-in’s full of ingredients I can’t pronounce.  (According to Cha Cha, this is the ingredient list for a name brand Plug In’s:  Chemical CAS No/ Unique ID Percent Fragrance(s)/ perfume(s), Isoparaffinic hydrocarbon (s), etc.)

My diffuser simply uses distilled water and 8-12 drops of oil.

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5.  Last but not least, add lemon oil to your natural cleaners.  I added 6 drops to my favorite natural “everyday” cleaner and it gave off a nice light scent when cleaning my kitchen and baths!

ski trip 062Pretty cool stuff isn’t it?  I’ve just touched the surface of what Lemon Oil can do!  I can’t wait to continue using this oil and continuing to learn more about the wonderful uses of essential oils.  Remember, next month is Lavender!