Essential Oils – do YOU use them?

One of the areas I’ve been interested in lately is essential oils.  I’ve dabbled around with them a bit, but I decided that in 2013 I’d get a bit more serious.  As I tend to prefer natural methods of eating, healing, cleaning, etc.  it just made sense to learn more.

I still have a long ways to go – these fascinating oils have been around for thousands of years and have so many incredible uses that I suspect even with concentrated effort I’ll just be able to scratch the surface this year!  However, I will share what I learn and how I use them throughout the year – so if you are interested, keep your eyes peeled for future “how to” posts on essential oils.

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What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are the concentrated, liquid essence of plants.  Depending upon the oil, they can come from various parts of the plant – the flower, the fruit, stem, leaves, bark, root, etc.    The consistency of essential oils also varies from watery to thick.  They can be various colors – they aren’t always clear.  All essential oils are very fragrant and have distinct scents based upon their origin.

What can an essential oil do?

More like what CAN’T they do!  Essential oils have a multitude of uses.  Some common ones:

  • scent
  • food additives (be careful here if you are playing with oils yourself – not all are safe to ingest)
  • historically they were used to cure many common ailments (headaches, fatigue, muscle soreness, etc.)
  • cleaning and disinfecting
  • insect repellent
  • creating personal care products (lotion, skin care, massage oil, etc.)
  • air freshener (as part of a spray or used in a diffuser)

With all this incredible potential, who wouldn’t want to learn more about these amazing oils and how to best use them in today’s society?  I think it will be fun to learn more, so I encourage you to experiment along with me this year!

Interested in purchasing some oils to play along with me?  I’ll try to give you a heads up in the monthly goals as to which one’s I’m trying out each month and a link to purchase them if you are interested, so watch for that!

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