Wisconsin Dells – Day 1

We left Chicago fairly early and headed north to Wisconsin Dells.  Years ago we visited the Dells but it was in February so we really didn’t know what to expect in June.  Traffic around Chicago was horrific so it took us much longer than we had hoped.  We were starving midway through so pulled out Yelp and found a quick, local grill called Dogs on the Chain.  Funny I know!  The burgers and hot dogs were AMAZING though.  Delicious, quick and affordable.

Finally, we arrived in the Dells and checked into our room.  It was super hot – 90 degree plus, so we changed into our swimsuits and walked over to the pool at the resort.  The water felt terrific and we were all quite refreshed after just an hour of swimming and playing in the water.

As I finished unpacking, I gave the kids a task to figure out what they want to do the most in the day and a half we were in the Dells.  They created a list of their combined favorites and then had everyone rank each item.  Their final step was to average the scores.  Pretty smart way to ensure we got to see what was most important to everyone!

It was a little late in the day to do much, so we took off in the van to check out the downtown area.  We also stumbled across a fun, local restaurant for dinner (Ravina Bay Bar & Grill).  We ended up eating outside on the deck and discovered we were treated to a water show!  The Tommy Bartlett show was performing across the lake.  From our table, we could see about half of the show so while we waited for the food, I took my son down to the dock where we could see everything.

It was the perfect end to our first day in Wisconsin Dells.

Ever been to the Dells?  What did you like best?

Dogs on the Chain, 10 S. US Highway 12, Fox Lake, Illinois 60020; (847) 629-5108

Ravina Bay Bar & Grill, 231 E Durkee St, Lake Delton, Wisconsin 53965; (608) 254-0433

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    1. Have fun!!! We really enjoyed the restaurant – I did a little bit longer review on Yelp with the food we liked the best. The drinks were also delicious and super affordable. My SIL got a pear drink (can’t remember the name) that was super tasty. Tomorrow I’ll be posting Day 2 so check it out for more ideas of things to do.

    1. Missy, yes we always talk about what each of us wants to do and then decide on a few, but this time since we had so little time they took it to the extreme with the ranking project – it was actually pretty cute, and all their idea.

  1. Pam
    We are originally from Wisconsin so got the chance to visit the Dells many times growing up and WOW! the change over the years was incredible. Had a chance to eat at Ravina and see the Tommy Bartlett show, which were both great. Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

  2. We live in the Twin Cities, but have only visited the Dells once. The kids had a blast there! Lots of fun stuff to see and do in addition to the water slides. Good thing you got you kids’ input…I find that so helpful to make sure people are getting what they want and realizing that not every stop will be “their” stop. 🙂

    1. Kristie, yes, we always try to ensure they get to do at least some of what they are interested in – makes the trip more fun for everyone!

  3. I have never been to Wisconsin, but have heard it is beautiful. There is so much to see and explore in this country. Dells is on my list.

  4. Sounds like a relaxing start (other than traffic!). I’ve never been to Wisconsin but it seems like I’ve heard everyone talking about the Dells. It seems I’ve gotta go!

  5. Looks like a fun trip! I’ve never made it up to Wisconsin but I have a good friend from there who always talks about it’s beauty.

    1. Janine, it was absolutely beautiful. I’d love to go back in the Fall when it’s a bit cooler and do some hiking and exploring.

  6. 90 depress in Wisconsin? Who knew! Being from the South and never having traveled your way, I thought Wisconsin would be much cooler. The pics are very beautiful (those french fries look delicious!) and make me want to visit.

  7. We went to the Dells when I was in Elementary school – I don’t remember much about our trip!!! I look forward to reading the rest of yours so maybe it can bring back some memories!!!

  8. This looks and seems sooooo relaxing! I have a friend who ONLY selects family vacations for her family that looks relaxing and are relaxing. I will pass this information along to her.

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