Want to make 2013 the healthiest year of your life?


Get ready to kick-start your health with a new, six-week group coaching program

specifically designed to start 2013 off with a BANG!

Let me guess,

  • You’ve tried all the diets, you lose the weight, but then gain it all back (and more)
  • You have good intentions, you WANT to be healthier and happier, but every year you make those resolutions and break them before the end of January
  • You are busy.  So busy.  Don’t have TIME to eat well and exercise busy.


Sound familiar?  We have ALL been there!  But THIS year can be different.

Introducing the 2013 New You for the New Year Group Health and Happiness Booster Coaching Program!


What you will get:

  • You will set goals that help you achieve what YOU want to achieve for 2013
  • You will learn how to eat well – easily, quickly and using food your family will LOVE
  • You will learn how to make exercise work for YOU
  • You will get the support of others going through the SAME issues you face.
  • You will leave the six-week program with the tools you need to make 2013 successful and healthy!

How do we do this?

  • We will have weekly conference calls to discuss the plan for the week and the assignments!
  • Each week will cover several of the main components of a healthy life: food, physical fitness, relationships and intentions
  • Speaking of assignments – you’ll have one each week that is EASY, fun and helps you achieve YOUR goals!
  • By working together for six weeks, you’ll have time to make the changes we implement HABITS, and the time to see real RESULTS!

The details:

  • This is a six-week online program that begins January 7th and ends February 15th
  • Each week new material will be released to help guide you on your journey to a happier, healthier life
  • There will be some fun “extras” – special surprises along the way!
  • Spots will be limited – I want to make sure I have the time to make this program special for EACH of you!
  • Sign up will begin December 17th and close December 21st
  • To be among the first to sign up, click here and join the special advance notice list – you’ll get first crack at signing up – and even a little bonus when you do!


Registration is OPEN!  Sign up NOW and change YOUR health in 2013 for only $199!

Let me take a moment to explain why this is such a bargain . . .

  • In this course, we’ll cover many of the same topics I handle with my one-on-one coaching clients – and those sessions are $75 for 50 minutes, so 6 sessions = $450!
  • You’ll get the invaluable support of working with a group of like minded individuals who want the same things you do – we’ll help each other succeed!
  • Each week, you’ll receive information in the form of slides, worksheets, recorded calls and handouts that you can keep FOREVER – so next time you need a jump start for your health you can run through the program again!
  • You’ll get the Menu Planning e-course – $20 along with several other little surprises along the way


See you in January!!!  Be Healthy.  Be Happy.