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Everyday Adventure Essentials

Are you ready for everyday adventures? Do you have everyday adventure essentials already packed and in your car? Or if you were to be out running around and discovered something fun or interesting to do would you have to “wait until later” when you are better prepared? Or have to purchase something to participate?

Don’t let that ever happen to you again!

With this simple Everyday Adventure Essentials list, you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way. Print out the .pdf and then spend 20 minutes creating your own bag for the car. You probably already have most of these items around the house. I guarantee that someday in the future you’ll be so glad you were prepared!

I use a simple tote as my bag and find it fits well in the back of the van, and also can be easily grabbed and transferred to the Jeep if we decide to drive it for the day. The bag I use is no longer available, but here are some terrific options:

All Year Round

I always have the following in the bag:

  • A deck of cards, Uno, six dice, a notepad, and a pen. These come in handy when visiting a winery, brewery or local restaurant. It’s a fun way to pass the time and keep everyone involved and off their phones.
  • Bug spray and sunblock. Regardless of the time of the year, these two items come in super handy.
  • A growler and a half-growler. Just in case we find a beer or even rootbeer on tap that we love!
  • An outdoor blanket. Perfect for picnics in the summer and wrapping up in if you get cold. This is a great one to add to your bag:
  • Socks. Sounds weird but if it’s summer you may very well be in sandals and there are some activities (bowling, ice skating, roller skating, jump houses, etc.) that require socks. So keep a pair for each of you in the car. They also come in useful if you get cold or wet feet!
  • A beach towel. This one is great if you get wet or muddy – so nice to be able to dry off!
  • A few disposable bags – think plastic grocery bags. Ideal for wet or muddy shoes.
  • Frisbee and/or soccer ball
  • Umbrellas

Summer Extras

In the summer I also add the following:

  • Water shoes (perfect for exploring creeks and rivers)!
  • Sunglasses – who wants to be out in the sunshine with them?
  • Water bottles

Winter Extras

In the Fall, I take out the summer extras and add the following:

  • Gloves for everyone – just the little stretchy ones so they don’t take up much room.
  • Hats for everyone – just like your mama always told you, keep your head warm!
  • A blanket – we are very partial to these amazingly soft Vera Bradley blankets!!!
  • Snow boots – honestly these I don’t have in the car all the time but if I think there’s a chance we might go walking outside I throw them in at the last minute.

What do you think? Is there anything I missed that you like to have on hand? If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comments so I can add it to my bag!

Please download this Everyday Essentials List and create your own Everyday Adventures Essentials bag – and then use it to create fun and memories for your family!

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Everyday Adventures Essentials+travel+family fun+ wanderlust+packing tips
Everyday Adventure Essentials+packing tips+ travel + family fun + everyday adventures

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    1. That’s right, you never know! This was my opt-in a year ago, but I figured it would be helpful to everyone, whether they opted in or not!

  1. My car has a secret compartment and I have a blanket and snacks and water. But most of the items you list are in the back of my car you kind of have to be prepared when you are raising kids!

  2. I have a bag similar to this for our car. We also have snacks in our bag just so we don’t stop for junk food. I love the growler on your list though. Smart thinking.

    1. I used to throw snacks in when the kids were little too, but lately, it just hasn’t been needed so they were getting stale! The growler was added based on our experience!

  3. Love the idea of an everyday essentials bag. Mine consists mostly of extra jackets in case of a change of temperature but I LOVE your idea to have a growler and half growler handy in case you come across a beverage you want to bring home. Excellent idea!

    1. Yes, otherwise we often wouldn’t do it as we wouldn’t want to get our shoes wet. Plus, if you have your plastic bags in there you have a place to put them after using them!

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