Exercise Getting Boring? Solutions Found HERE!

How often do you just get TIRED of exercising?  Have you gotten to the point where you are just going through the motions, or maybe finding excuses to avoid it completely?swim meet

If this sounds like you, it’s time to re-assess your exercise schedule.

Maybe you’ve noticed that at various times in your life you’ve been exercising consistently (but doing the same thing every workout) and then for whatever reason you take a week off and BAM, that’s the week you lose a few of those pounds that have been driving you crazy!  What’s up with that?

Often it simply means that your body has gotten bored with your workout routine, and you are starting to operate on auto pilot.  Once this occurs, you’ll stop gaining many of the benefits of consistent exercise.  You need to challenge your body as well as your mind if you want to keep moving towards your fitness goals.

And let’s face it – you KNOW when this is happening – it’s when exercise becomes one more thing to cross off your “to-do” list and you don’t feel as energized as you used to after a workout.

Whenever I feel boredom coming on, I take the following steps to break out of the workout rut:

1. Re-assess what I’m actually doing.  Sometimes I THINK I’m working out much more often and harder than I actually am.  Obviously, I’ve gone on autopilot and it’s time to pick up the pace.  Making it more challenging is often enough to break through the boredom.

2.  Think about what sounds fun.  Is there a new class I keep hearing about that I want to try?  An old workout I used to do that I loved but haven’t done in months (or years).  I schedule one or two of these workouts in my calendar.

3.  Call a friend.  When you are bored with exercise, just getting a friend on board for a nightly walk or even signing up for some sessions with a personal trainer can make it more fun again.

4.  Make it a game.  Come up with a schedule of workouts for the next month and challenge yourself to keep them.  Or even create a competition with your friends to work out 5 days each week, walk 10,000 steps a day or try two new classes in the next month.   Have prizes to help keep you motivated.

All of these solutions have two things in common – they are making you cognizant of your workouts and also switching things up for you.  Incorporating these changes (however you decide to do it) should alleviate the boredom and get you back to loving regular exercise!

What do YOU do when you feel exercise boredom coming on?  Have any tried and true tips?  I’d love to hear them, so please share in the comments!

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