Exercise with your kids – for FREE!

Tuesday I gave you the challenge to exercise with your kids this week.

How did you do?  If you haven’t gotten it in yet, no worries, you still have the weekend.food and soccer April 2013 011

I’ve already shared a few reasons why you should try to do this everyweek, but not only are there benefits for you, there are benefits for your kids as well.  Childhood obesity is out of control these days (has been increasing in the last 20 years), and let’s face it, parents have some responsibility.  By teaching your children to eat well and exercise, you’ll help them maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle their entire lives.  Spending time together exercising also strengthens your relationships – and several recent studies have shown that kids with close relationships to their parents tend to do better in school, have fewer social issues and are just overall more successful.

So  join them in exercising – you’ll have fun together AND be modeling healthy practices.  Here are some more fun ways for you to exercise together.

1.  Dance.  What kid doesn’t love to dance?  This is so easy, just put on some music and start to move!  I guarantee you’ll be laughing by the end of the session and having a blast!

2.  Take a nature hike.  Walks are great, but why not bump it up a notch and go for a little hike.  Even a small child can go for a short nature walk.  If you think your kid(s) will get bored, give them a list of things to look for – they’ll be so busy running around checking off their list they won’t even notice how much exercise you’ve gotten.  Not sure where to go?  Here is a cool website with a list of potential hiking areas:  LocalHikes

3.  Play a game.  Got a neighboorhood full of kids?  Why not round them up and play a game of kickball or soccer?  Even if you can’t get any other parents to join in, no reason why you can’t play – my kids get a kick out of having me join them in their games.

4.  Yoga.  My kids have joined me in yoga since they were little.  Granted the first few years was more them climbing on me, but we are finally at the point where they enjoy doing some of the poses themselves.  I think for them it’s still more of a competition (“look how well I do THIS mom!”), but that’s okay, the benefits are still there and we are having fun together.

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