Fall Fun in Miami County

Fall Fun in Miami County Indiana

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Sunday was the perfect fall day in Indiana. Crisp weather but plenty of sunshine! With nothing to do until late in the day, my daughter and I took off to see what type of fall fun in Miami County Indiana we could find.


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Coffee, Music, and the Circus

Our first stop was of course for coffee. Both of us love coffee and we especially love local coffee shops. Aroma Coffee Shop in Peru, Indiana was the perfect start to our day. Thanks to decadent coffee drinks and delicious Apple Cider donuts (look at all those spices inside!), we thoroughly enjoyed our stop at this cozy shop.

Apple cider donut and fresh coffee at Aroma Coffee Shop in Miami County, Indiana

With a fresh coffee in hand, we took off walking around downtown Peru. I noticed a few stores, but overall the downtown was pretty empty. I always find this depressing as I love a vibrant downtown area and from the buildings can imagine how lovely it was years ago. Hopefully, the city will be successful in revitalizing it in the coming years.

The Miami County Museum is located right across from the courthouse, but it was closed. We checked out the large photos in the windows as well as a few window displays on woman’s suffrage. I’d like to get back someday soon as it looked quite interesting as we peeked in the windows!

Window display at the Miami County Museum in Peru, Indiana

Just outside the square, we stumbled across a circus museum. Peru, Indiana has a unique annual event where local children train and perform in a summer circus. What a cool experience for them, I’m sure. The museum was closed, but we enjoyed the murals on the building itself.

Also near downtown Peru is the birthplace home of Cole Porter. Cole Porter was an Indiana composer and songwriter. The home now operates as the Cole Porter Inn, which would be a fun place to spend a night! As we headed to our next stop on our day of fall fun in Miami County Indiana, my daughter pulled up a few of his songs on her phone. It was a lovely addition to our drive.

Visit the Cole Porter Inn, birthplace of Composer Cole Porter Peru, Indiana as part of your fall fun in Miami County Indiana day trip

Fall Fun and Pumpkins

McClure’s Orchard is located right off of US 31, so it’s super simple to find. It’s easy to spend quite a bit of time exploring all it has to offer.

With several shops full of pumpkins and other fall favorites, it’s a terrific way to find your fall decor. There is also a small petting zoo with various farm animals, a ride out to the pumpkin patch, a corn maze, a cafe, and a tasting room where you can sample their wines and ciders.

All your fall decorations can be found at McClure's Orchard in Miami County, Indiana

It was quite busy (It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the fall!), so we didn’t stay long, but we did enjoy walking the grounds and checking out the animals.

Insider tip: I’ve visited here in the past (pre-COVID) and enjoyed tasting several of their wines and ciders along with indulging in an amazing apple dumpling. Although it was too busy for our comfort level right now, I can vouch for the deliciousness of the drinks and desserts! Might be worth getting a few treats to go if you decide to visit.

Airplanes Everywhere

Grissom Air Museum was the perfect stop after the busy orchard. With a very large outdoor ground and dozens of different planes, it was peaceful and super interesting.

The Museum was quite well done and apparently, they switch up their exhibits regularly so a repeat visit is in our future plans! I especially loved checking out the variety of planes and enjoying the fresh air.

Grissom air museum in Miami County, Indiana

If you have a family member into military planes, this museum is a must-visit. We learned quite a bit during our short stay! Even if you don’t live nearby, you can currently watch a virtual tour on their website!

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Small Town Treasures in Converse Indiana

On our way home, we saw a sign for Oak Hill Winery, so of course, we took a detour to check it out. Not only the winery but the entire town of Converse, Indiana was a wonderful find! Downtown Converse is small but full of intriguing shops and restaurants. Sadly most of them are closed on Sundays, but there is always next time!

We also discovered that Converse is home to a FREE sunflower field – the location changes each year, but you can pick up a map at Rachel’s Taste of Indiana shop.

We did grab some tasty breadsticks at the local Pizza King (it’s not an Indiana small town without a Pizza King) and headed over to the winery.

Oak Hill Winery in Converse, Indiana

After heading up the steps, we entered the small winery and stepped up to the counter. Oak Hill has been in business for 17 years making its own delicious wines. I tried 5 different dry white and fruit wines before settling on a glass of their Wildcat Creek White.

2023 Update: Sadly Oak Hill Winery is closing its doors at the end of June.

Wine and breadsticks - yum! Converse, Indiana

I took my glass of wine (and my daughter’s water) to the porch where we enjoyed our breadsticks and chatted about our adventures in Miami County.

We’ve already decided that the next time we have a free Saturday afternoon we’ll head back to Converse to check out the shopping and that we’ll also have to plan a family day to the Grissom Air Museum so the boys can enjoy the planes too!

It’s always fun to take off in the car and just see what you can discover! Especially when you have good company to explore with!

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Are you ready for a full day of fall fun? Check out all the adventures we discovered in Miami County, Indiana.  A little bit of outdoor fun, some history, yummy food and more! #MidwestTravel #localfun #daytrips
Are you ready for a full day of fall fun? Check out all the adventures we discovered in Miami County, Indiana.  A little bit of outdoor fun, some history, yummy food and more! #MidwestTravel #localfun #daytrips