Fall Vacation Ideas

Fall Vacation Ideas

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I’ve noticed that many schools have started adding fall breaks to their calendar. Personally, I think it’s fantastic as fall is one of my favorite times to travel. Fall festivals, fall events, even Halloween-themed fun is everywhere. Plus, the weather is perfect in most of the country!

Fall trees

Not only can you enjoy a fun fall vacation before winter arrives, but often there are unique activities to participate in!

Here are some of the best places to visit in the fall …

Soak up the sun

For those of us in northern climates, fall vacations can be the last chance to soak up some sun before winter arrives. Often, we will head to Florida to the beach or a theme park for sun and fun. Both coasts are still warm enough to enjoy getting in the ocean, and aside from an afternoon shower here or there, the weather is perfect for swimming and touring.

Florida as a fall vacation idea

A few favorite warm-weather trips for us have been Disney (it’s crowded but less crowded than Spring Break), Vero Beach, Pompano, and St. Augustine. If you are lucky enough to have a week or two, you can often grab an inexpensive flight and escape somewhere warm for your fall vacation.

Indulge in some leaf peeping

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is another fabulous fall vacation. The leaves are magnificent and the weather is cooler than the warm summer months.

With hiking, tons of family activities, and affordable prices, it’s hard to pass up a long weekend in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, or Sevierville for your fall trip. You’ll find pretty much everything open through October as well as some special seasonal events. If Florida isn’t your favorite, I highly recommend trying the Smokies this year.

The Smoky Mountain National Park is a great fall vacation idea.

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Check out the city

One of the best fall vacations in the US is to visit your closest big city. In most parts of the country, it’s not yet winter so you can really enjoy exploring the city to your heart’s content without having to bundle up in bulky coats and multiple layers.

If you are super lucky (and can go fairly early in the fall), you’ll probably even have a day or two where you can sit outside for lunch or enjoy a bus, boat, or walking tour. I’ve found these to be most enjoyable when I’m not freezing cold or sweltering in humidity. Hence, fall is the ideal time to participate!

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A city trip is also a great fall vacation idea if you only have time for a weekend getaway. A weekend in the city is plenty of time to explore and feel like you’ve really gotten away – especially if the city in question is within driving distance.

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Stay close to home for your fall vacation

Even if you can’t get away, a fun fall vacation idea is to enjoy your own hometown. As I mentioned earlier, many areas have special events that only happen in the fall, so take this time to check them out. You could also go to the movies, play family games, check out nearby parks, visit a local winery or brewery, try new restaurants – all the things you never have time to do during the busy workweek.


One year we didn’t go anywhere for fall break (due to sports), so we indulged in a lot of fun activities we normally wouldn’t do. We went to a big-name concert, participated in ComicCon, interacted with the animals at the local ZooBoo, and explored nearby cities with a series of day trips.

Although it wasn’t a “big” fall vacation, it was memorable and we created many fun family memories.

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Hopefully, if you have the opportunity for a trip this fall, you’ll take one of these fall vacation ideas and run with it! I’d love to hear what you decide to do this year for fall break, so please share in the comments!


Are you looking for the BEST fall vacation ideas? I've got a couple great ones in this post. Something for everyone, no matter how far you want to go or what you want to do. Check them out then plan your own fall getaway. #fallvacations #weekendgetaways #vacationideas
Are you looking for the BEST fall vacation ideas? I've got a couple great ones in this post. Something for everyone, no matter how far you want to go or what you want to do. Check them out then plan your own fall getaway. #fallvacations #weekendgetaways #vacationideas