I read quite a few great books this month – in fact, I’m out of books from the library so I just went and put a bunch on hold.  I’ll probably end up with more than I can finish now!!!  HERE is the list of everything I read this month and below are quick summaries of my favorites:


Due to an unusual situation where an expense reimbursement comes through and then the original expense is comped, Tina ends up with a check for $20K.  It’s not really her money, but when her boss is spending that much for trivial things, who is going to miss it?  And $20K would exactly pay off her college debt.  Tina succumbs and before she knows it is deeply involved in an inside scheme to help other low paid assistants at her company pay off their college debt.  A very fun book – and actually stimulated an interesting conversation with my husband about the cost of college and how hard it is for new college grads to get ahead when they start life with a significant amount of debt.  My rating 4.5 out of 5. 

Beginning last month with Al Capone Does My Shirts (Tales from Alcatraz), my son and I have been reading this series of books most evenings – we take turns reading pages.  The setting for the series is Alcatraz Island, back in the day when it was open for criminals and the stories discuss Moose and his family (his Dad is a guard) and their life living on the island.  We have a lot of fun talking about the difference in the lifestyle (both due to the time the novels are set in and the fact that the characters lived on Alcatraz) and how even though these stories occurred years ago, many of the situations feel quite modern.  My rating 4.5 out of 5.


Kara was such a gifted writer.  Even though she didn’t survive her cancer, her words live on as a wonderful reminder to appreciate and ENJOY each day, as we don’t know how many more we will have.  Kara handles really tough situations with grace, peace and hope.  Just read this book.  My rating 5 out of 5.

Do you love to read?  What have you been enjoying lately?  Please share – I need to add more books to my list!!!

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