February 2017 Book Reviews

I loved several of the books I read this month – and it was a nice mix of fiction and non-fiction.  You can see everything I’ve read this year HERE and a short review of my favorites can be found below:


This was a book I got from the library on my Kindle and read it mostly in one evening while the Grammy’s were on the TV.  I appreciated the way the book was laid out – in that we have “buckets” for our life and we need to be sure we are taking care of ALL of them.  I also liked the short action items at the end of each section.  I’m a big fan of a “to-do list”!  I’ll probably end up purchasing this one to read again.  My rating 4.5 out of 5.


I found this third book of the series to be just as entertaining as the first two.  I liked that you were never quite sure how things would work out until the very end.  Fun, fast and easy read.  As always I got a huge kick out of the pictures that were included.  My rating 4.5 out of 5.

This was an enjoyable book to read while on a ski weekend.  There were several nights I was curled up by the fire with plenty of snow falling outside and a hot chocolate by my side enjoying this novel.  Nora is invited to a weekend away to celebrate the upcoming wedding of an old friend she hasn’t seen in ten years.  She debates on whether she should go or not and decides to go – which based upon the ending you can decide was the right decision or not.   It was scary without being too scary.  The characters were all quite interesting and although I didn’t like them all and thought several of them were quite immature, they each fit their role perfectly.  I had my suspicions towards the end as to what would happen and although I was mostly right, there were still some things I didn’t guess and some unanswered questions.  Didn’t love it as much as I loved the author’s other book The Woman in Cabin 10, but I did enjoy it enough to put it on the list.  My rating 4 out of 5.

How I enjoy Young Adult novels.  Milo is the adopted son of the Pines, who run an Inn frequented by smugglers.  Due to that he has a unique view of life.  Just as his much anticipated, quiet Christmas break is about to begin, a whole cast of crazy characters come to the Inn to stay – each with an ulterior motive.  The daughter of the cook from the village helps Milo try to figure out what the guests are there for and in the process he learns a lot about himself.  There are a few big surprises at the end so don’t read ahead.  This is one I think I’ll bring back out to read with my son next time we need something new to read together.  My rating 4.5 out of 5.

I have a new stack of books in the basket just waiting to be read and a few trips planned for the month, so I should have some more good reading (and reviews) next month!

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