Vacation at home ideas

Feel like you’re on vacation at home

Have you ever had a conversation while on vacation about why everyday life can’t feel like a vacation? I know most of us have to work or have home responsibilities and perhaps family responsibilities too, but is there a way to bring some of that vacation feel home?

After our last few vacations, I began to explore what that would mean for me. Was it possible for me to add some of the things that I love and associate with a vacation to my everyday life?

Seems like a worthwhile experiment, right?

Love that ocean view!

What do you do that’s unique on vacation?

The first step to bringing that vacation feeling home is to think about what you do (and enjoy) while you are on vacation that you don’t regularly do at home. What are some of the things you can do to feel like your on vacation that you could also do at home? A few things I came up with:

  • Try new restaurants
  • Start the day off outside with coffee and a good book
  • Explore areas around where I’m staying – i.e. day trips
  • Take a morning walk
  • Relax more, work less
  • See something new
  • Spend more time together as a family

Once I came up with this list of things to do, I realized that I could in fact add quite a few of these activities to my daily or weekly routine. Without a lot of effort!

Start with one favorite

Obviously I can’t quit my job and just spend all my time doing everything on my list, so I decided to pick one of these “vacation” activities and incorporate it into my daily life. After a few weeks of this I’d see how it went, see how it made me feel and add another one.

I began my journey to feeling like I’m on vacation at home by starting each day outside with coffee and a good book. I love to read and I love my coffee, so it seemed like a logical place to start.

Reading with a good cup of coffee while on vacation.
Enjoying a morning coffee & good book while on vacation

What I discovered is that although it’s easy to get up early on vacation, it’s not so easy when I’m at home. After a few days of just thinking about getting up, I set an alarm for half an hour earlier than I needed to get up and selected a terrific book from the library, and committed to following through for two weeks.

It was wonderful

The first few days were hard, but once I got into the routine I found myself looking forward to it immensely. Its summer where I live so getting outside is easy, but I think I could still manage this when the weather turns by sitting by the fireplace with a cozy blanket.

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See something new

One of the joys of travel is experiencing new things. New foods, new attractions, and new experiences. I’ve always been a proponent of enjoying life wherever you are and searching for everyday adventures, so this was an easy one to add to my daily life.

I just needed to be more intentional about it.

So, on Friday afternoons I began scheduling at least one new restaurant, activity, or a day trip to my calendar. I couldn’t do it every day as we would on vacation, but at least I was bringing that sense of exploration to my weekly life.

Trying new restaurants to bring that vacation feel home.

A few examples of things you could do wherever you live:

  • A day trip to a nearby town
  • A walking or museum tour – instead of just visiting, actually participate in something scheduled (like you would on vacation).
  • Go out for cocktails at a fancy bar
  • Visit the newest restaurant in your area
  • Check out a new park, coffee shop, or other low-key but fun location

You get the idea – the possibilities are endless.

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To sum it all up

No, I’m not constantly on vacation, and I don’t even feel like I am. However, I am enjoying my day-to-day life a little bit more and when I do one of these “vacation” activities, it also reminds me of the fun I have when I’m traveling.

What do you love to do on vacation that you could start adding to your everyday life? How could you feel like you’re on vacation at home? I’d love to hear your ideas!


Ready to feel like you are on vacation at home? Use these easy tips to bring home that vacation feeling! You'll enjoy every day just a little bit more! #vacationathome #vacationfeeling #vacation
Ready to feel like you are on vacation at home? Use these easy tips to bring home that vacation feeling! You'll enjoy every day just a little bit more! #vacationathome #vacationfeeling #vacation