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For many people, their romantic relationships are the ones that cause them the most angst (think about any teenage movie – ever), yet they are Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnailalso often the ones we start taking for granted.  It’s really no mystery why – between jobs, kids, hobbies and maintaining a home, pretty soon something has to give.  How easy is it to fall into the habit of coordinating schedules with your partner versus actually communicating?  All too easy!

Knowing how simple it is to fall into this trap, we have to make a conscious effort to connect.  After all, if you are lucky, thirty years from now, when the kids are grown and you’ve retired, THIS is the person you’ll spend most of your time with.  You better like each other and enjoy spending time together!

Alright, we agree it’s important, and we understand we are BUSY, so what can we do about this?

A few obvious ideas come to mind:

  • monthly or weekly dates (out is fun, but at home might be more realistic)
  • a “grown-up” only vacation on a regular basis (even just an overnight in a nearby city is awesome!)
  • getting up early and enjoying coffee & conversation together (this is often easier than staying up late when you are already exhausted)

Want something a little bit different or unique?

  • Okay, I LOVE this idea from Amy at MomAdvice,  it’s Our Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal for 2 People  with a writing prompt for each day.  So you write a few sentences and then pass it to your spouse to answer.  So cute, and definitely one I’m picking up for a Valentine’s Day gift (would also make a great wedding shower gift).
  • start a new hobby together – something you both enjoy and that you can participate in regularly (just thinking of things to do together would be a great coffee night date!)

But wait, I don’t HAVE a romantic relationship.  If this is YOU, my advice is really just the same:

  • monthly or weekly “dates” with yourself – go do something fun alone or with a friend regularly
  • a regular vacation or getaway
  • get up early and enjoy the start of each day (Get your FREE copy of my e-course to help you with that HERE)
  • start a hobby – what a great way to meet people with common interests

Whether you have a partner or not, improving the quality of your life with these tips will help you be happier, healthier and more fun to be around!

What are YOU going to do to cultivate or improve your romantic relationship this week?  Share in the comments – we can ALL use more ideas.

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