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A few weeks ago I asked for advice on Facebook – I was looking for different things to do in Cincinnati, some of the hidden gems. We’ve been there dozens of times as it’s a quick hour and a half from Indianapolis, and it seems like there are at least a few soccer tournaments there each year.

Sure enough, mid-October meant a weekend in Cincinnati for Fall Ball. As it was also our fall break, we headed up early Friday morning ready to discover a new side of the city. Thanks to all your suggestions, we did just that!

1. Shop the Gap Clearance Center

    We actually started our day just over the river in Hebron, KY at the Gap Clearance Center. This is to my knowledge the only one of its kind and it’s not an outlet mall, but a true clearance center. There are racks and racks of clothing from Athleta, Gap, Old Navy, and the Banana Republic.

    There are amazing deals to be had, but you have to be willing to dig. The boys got tired pretty quickly and went to the car, but my daughter and I scored some bargains. For example, I ended up with a black v-neck t-shirt, two sweaters (one of them Athleta), and an Athleta dress for $35. Yep, only $35. Pretty good shopping, right?

    Gap Clearance Store in Hebron, KY

    2. Visit the Contemporary Arts Center

    After such a win, we headed to downtown Cincinnati to check out CAC – the Contemporary Arts Center. If you like contemporary art, you’ll enjoy this. Of the four of us, I thought it was terrific, but I was in the minority. Really, though, check it out! Best of all it’s FREE! Love that.

    Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio

    3. Check out Findlay Market

    Next, we moved a bit north to Findlay Market. Everyone in the family loved this area! We found delicious cheeses, olives,  fresh pasta, a wonderful Asian market, wine, and beer. The market also had a variety of fun little stands to grab a bite to eat. We enjoyed a fish taco and sodas as we wandered from store to store.

    My favorite shop was the artisan chocolate shop. Talk about amazing chocolates. Yum! Thanks to all who recommended Findlay Market – we loved it and will make a point to stop again whenever we are in the Cincinnati area.

    Findlay Market in Cincinnati, Ohio

    4. Have fun at a brewery

    Just down the street from Findlay Market is Rhinegeist brewery. What a brewery! We already knew we loved a few Rhinegeist beers (Press Tart and Bubbles) but now we are huge fans. The brewery is located in a building that is over 100 years old – and that originally held another brewery.

    It is located in the district of Cincinnati called Over-the-Rhine. Rhinegeist created their name from that history – it stands for “spirit of the Rhine.” In addition to finding a few new favorite beers (Wowie and Peach Dodo Nitro), we took the brewery tour.

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    This was quite interesting and we got to go down on the actual factory floor instead of just watching through windows from above. It was amazing to see the endless towers of empty cans, watch the beer being canned, and check out the keg filling line. The brewery tour is $6 per person, but you get a token for a pint of beer. Very good deal.

    Although this brewery doesn’t serve food (aside from a few snacks), it has a fun vibe with indoor cornhole and pinball machines which the kids loved, and a snazzy rooftop bar which the adults enjoyed. Wonderful experience all around.

    Rhinegeist brewery in Cincinnati, Ohio

    The rest of the weekend was soccer and more soccer, but it was definitely fun and worthwhile to enjoy at least an afternoon of experiencing a side of Cincinnati that was new to us!

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    1. These are great! I’m bookmarking this – I live up in Columbus but I haven’t really explored Cincy at all. Thanks for the tips!

    2. That’s great that you were able to make a family adventure out of the soccer trip. Looks like you guys had fun. I’m not sure my boys would appreciate the Contemporary Art Center either, but I think we would still stop by if we were in the area. It’s one of those “check the box” kind of places.

      1. Exactly! The kids grumbled a bit, but there were a few exhibits that interested them – and we made up for it later with homemade chocolates and playing cornhole.

    3. Woow! I couple of years ago I happened to be in Cincinnati for a few days, and frankly, I didn’t have an idea what to see or do. I wish I had this post to read! Now, I really want to go back and make it right! πŸ™‚ Thanks for all the great info! πŸ™‚

    4. That Findlay Market sounds like it’s right up our alley! Would love to visit there one day. Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

    5. museums and markets are two of the things I look for everywhere I visit – looks like you hit the travel jackpot in cincy!

    6. Love these ideas. We travel through Cincinnati all the time traveling to and from Michigan and Florida. I’m adding the brewery to my list!!

      1. Julie, that would be a great quick stop on your way to Florida – or even the market to pick up some goodies for your drive.

    7. We were just in Columbus this past weekend. We’ll for sure have to make it to Cincinnati to see some of these on your list. They sound great!

      1. Columbus is another great city! We end up there at least once a year for soccer too – usually in the Spring.

    8. I love a good food market and findlay sounds like my kind of place. I love the hidden gems you have written about. Great information on Cincinnati

    9. Neat spots looks like a lot of fun. We love the arts, food, and beer! So will keep this in mind when we head north πŸ™‚

    10. All looked like neat places to visit. Great job in finding those less visited spots. I think I would also love the Gap Clearance store! Our daughter played league soccer and we traveled all the time and yes it was nice to sometimes add a few extra days onto a trip to do something fun.

    11. Fun! My son’s family lives just south of Indianapolis so I will definitely keep your suggestions in mind for the next time I visit him. Thank you!

      1. There is so much more there than our one afternoon – I just hit a few unique places. You definitely wouldn’t get bored!

      1. If you like modern art, you would enjoy this – and the exhibits change seasonally so there is always something new and different.

      1. It was very cool – and the day we were there the weather was a bit iffy – I imagine on a gorgeous day it would be even prettier.

    12. I’d make a trip there just for the outlet! $35 for an athleta dress is a steal! And to end with a brewery?? Perfect day

    13. Looks like a perfect day trip! I’ve been to Cincinnati but for work so I couldn’t explore. I’m bookmarking this for my next trip out there.

    14. A great way to spend time with your family – soccer and touring. Loved the picture of Findlay Market. I’ll probably never make it to Cincinnati, but I was able to get a taste of it through your adventure.

      1. Good! And you never know – if not, use the ideas as inspiration for different things to look at wherever you are!

    15. My dad grew up in Ohio, and I’ve always wanted to take him back. I’m sure all of the fun in Cincinnati is going to be brand new to him. Can’t wait to see!

    16. I have been to Cincinnati a couple time, but have not seen your places. I will have to look for these another time. Thanks

    17. The Findlay market sounds like a lot of fun and good food to be had. I always love going to markets in different states because there are so many things to see and try.

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