Foolproof Jewelry Making!

Maybe you haven’t figured this out about me yet, but I’m not very crafty.  I love the idea of doing crafts and I enjoy trying stuff out, but craftiness is not high up in my skill set.  That’s why committing to crafting in December was a great stretch for me – and a nice relaxing break from the typical business or wellness learning I like to indulge in.

One of the things I wanted to try this month was jewelry making.  I took a bead class a few years ago and had so much fun.  Of course I bought a bunch of supplies and then never made jewelry again.  No one else does that right?

This time around I ONLY purchased what I needed for the projects I

was going to try, and I picked two very simple looking projects.  The first was a leather bracelet (I got the directions from Pinterest of course.  Happy Hour Projects has the original project – she has some other really fun ones, so check that site out if you like quick and easy crafts!).  The second project took longer but was just as simple – most of the extra time was waiting for glue to dry.  This one was glass pendants – there were numerous tutorials on Pinterest and after reading a bunch of them, I just gave it a go on my own.

Leather Bracelet


This bracelet took me less than ten minutes, start to finish.  No lie.  I’ve worn it several times now and think it looks great as an addition to my stack of bracelets.  I liked it so much I made it in black and dark brown.  It’s not my original project, so I’m not going to share the specific directions here, but if you go to Happy Hour Projects  you can find the details there.


I couldn’t believe how simple this one was to create.

Glass Pendant

This was a fun way to use up a little of my old scrapbook paper.  I made two on my own and plan on helping my daughter make two more (I bought supplies for four necklaces).

  • glass blocks
  • brad with hook
  • chain or leather necklace
  • glass glaze
  • scrapbook paper

Step 1:  Cover your glass block with the glass glaze – be careful not to create any bubbles.  Place the glaze covered block on your scrapbook paper.  Set it aside to dry for a few hours.


Step 2:  Once the glue is dry, trim the paper to fit the glass block and then take a nail file and smooth out the edges of the paper.

Step 3:  Now use your glaze to cover the paper on the back – this will help keep it from peeling off, and it will look more finished.  Let this dry for a few more hours (you can see why this was more time-consuming, even though each step only takes a few minutes).


Step 4:  Once the glaze is dry, take your brad and glue it to the top of the pendant.  I held mine down for a few minutes to keep it from shifting.  Let it dry for a few hours before slipping onto the necklace.


All finished!  This would be a fun project if you like to customize gifts for your friends.  I made a snowflake version for myself and the green one for my daughter as she loves green.  I’ll let her pick out the paper and destinations for the next two we create.

I ordered the glaze from Sun and Moon and it seemed to work well, but you could purchase everything from any store that sells jewelry supplies.  This was also a very inexpensive project.  I’ll end up with four necklaces for just a few dollars – and I’ll have plenty of glaze left to make dozens more!

Hope you enjoyed this very different than normal post from me – it was certainly fun trying something new – which is after all something I recommend often!

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