Fun Fall Activities!

Picking Apples!

There are so many fun Fall activities that will get you outside, enjoying the fresh air and picking up a little exercise!  Here are some of my favorite suggestions:

1.  Apple picking.  This is an annual fall tradition for my family.  We’ve been outside picking apples every fall since before we had kids.  There is a lot of walking and carrying apples involved and we end up with delicious snacks and ingredients for pies and crisps!  That’s an extra bonus to me!

2.  Visiting the pumpkin patch. Why pick up a pumpkin at the grocery store when you can make a day of it by visiting your local pumpkin patch.  Even if you ride a hay wagon to the patch, you’ll spend quite a bit of time walking around looking for the perfect pumpkin.  Pack a picnic (even a snack) and enjoy a sunny fall afternoon outside!

3.  Leaf pile.  We don’t have leaves yet, but you can bet that when we do, we’ll go outside and create a big pile to jump in.  Leaf raking is excellent exercise and after a fun hour or two of raking and jumping, some popcorn and hot apple cider is the perfect healthy treat.

4.  A fall breakfast hike.  Get up early one weekend morning, stop at your local bagel shop (or pack some yummy muffins and smoothies) and visit a nearby park.  Maybe even try geocaching.  Your kids will get a kick out of hiking in the morning and having a picnic breakfast, and you’ll start the day off on a great note!

5.  Local fall events.  I bet if you look around, you’ll find a wide variety of fall festivals, farmers markets and activities.   Last weekend, our area alone had half a dozen festivals.  Go to them!  You’ll have a good time, experience something new and get a little extra activity in your day.

Not sure how to find activities in your area?  Check your local newspaper or free local publications, do a search online, or ask around.  Make it a goal to enjoy at least two fun fall activities in the next month.  You’ll be glad you made the effort.

I’d love to hear some of your favorite fall activities – share them in the comments!

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