Fun, Frugal and Festive!

It’s almost Christmas!  There are only a few days left, and lucky for many of us, they are weekend days!  So why don’t you plan something fun and memorable – don’t worry if you haven’t done anything yet, there’s still PLENTY of time!  Here are a few fun, frugal and festive ideas for you:

  • Go look at Christmas lights.  Make or buy some hot chocolate to take along.  Bonus points if you head out in your pajamas!  Stick a Christmas CD in your car and have some fun!
  • Movie night.  Grab lots of blankets, pop some popcorn, turn on the Christmas Tree lights and enjoy a fun holiday movie.  Bonus points for this one if you camp out all night by the tree.  Cinnamon rolls in the morning are perfect!
  • Crash Dinner.  This is a ton of fun – your kids will get a kick out of it.  A crash dinner is essentially exactly what it sounds like.  You pick up (or make dinner) and then take it over to a friend’s house to eat together.  You should probably give them a little heads up, so they will be there.  The kids always love this one – especially if you can stick around and play games after!
  • Christmas Crafts.  I bet you have a Grandma or close friend who would love something homemade for Christmas.  Why not spend a few hours making crafts.  Here is one simple idea, and you can ALWAYS check out Pinterest for dozens more!

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