Fun things to do in Greencastle Indiana

Fun Things to do in Greencastle Indiana

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It’s time for another one of my Indiana day trips as part of the Explore Indiana series. This time around we visited Putnam County and found all the fun things to do in Greencastle Indiana!

With just a few free hours, we targeted most of our time in Greencastle proper, but there are actually plenty of other things to do in Putnam county Indiana. Ready for some Greencastle Indiana things to do?

What is there to do in Greencastle Indiana?

With a thriving downtown, 10K plus residents, and the home of DePauw University, there are actually quite a few things to do in Greencastle Indiana.

Boutiques in Greencastle

Downtown Greencastle Indiana is home to a number of charming boutiques. I was pleasantly surprised at how many options for shopping we found. It was fun to walk around the courthouse and see what we could discover.

Boutiques for shopping in downtown Greencastle

Downtown Greencastle even had a little bookstore and Starbucks on the corner – probably because it’s so close to a university – still not something you see in most small Indiana downtowns.

DePauw University

Just a short drive (or even a walk) from downtown Greencastle is DePauw University. DePauw is a private liberal arts university with an excellent reputation in Indiana. There are about 2000 students on campus and it has all the activities you’d expect at a university – just in a smaller scale.

Periodic Museum of the Elements

A very interesting and unique display at DePauw University is the Periodic Museum. Located in the Julian Science Center, it’s at the top of the stairs on the third floor.

Periodic table at DePauw University

For anyone interested at all in science, it’s worth a look. Taking up a portion of the wall, each element has a box that contains an example of that element – a very interesting and unique way to look at the periodic table.

Richard E. Peeler Arts Center

Another worthwhile stop at DePauw University is checking out the Galleries at Peeler. A striking building on campus, the Peeler Arts Center was designed by architect, Carlos Jimenez and contains three separate galleries.

The galleries host a variety of exhibitions (about ten different ones annually) that are open to the public for free. The building also has a 90-seat auditorium, so check out the schedule to see if anything is showing when you plan on visiting.

Putnam County Museum

A bit out of town we discovered the Putnam County Museum. Unlike many of the county museums that we’ve explored that were housed in historic buildings, the Putnam County Museum appears to be in an old store.

Putnam County Museum

Although the building lacks the history of other county museums, it makes up for it with its spaciousness. There is plenty of room for multiple exhibits sharing the history of the area.

We learned quite a bit about Putnam County – for instance, apparently, there was once a large IBM facility. I’ve worked for IBM for almost 25 years and I had no idea there was once a site in Greensburg!

30 years in Greencastle for IBM

We also really enjoyed the exhibits about an old department store that used to be a big employer and was located downtown. The ads and pictures from that era were fascinating.

Spend time outdoors near Greencastle, Indiana

If you like to be outdoors, there are quite a few wonderful options in and near Greencastle Indiana.

Cataract Falls

A short 15-minute drive from Greencastle is one of the loveliest spots in Indiana, Cataract Falls. Not to be confused with the beautiful Cataract Falls in the Great Smoky Mountains, Cataract Falls is located inside the Lieber State Recreation Area and consists of two sets of waterfalls.

A visit to Cataract Falls should be on your list of fun things to do near Greensburg Indiana

It’s a short drive (or lovely walk) from the upper falls to the lower falls and both are absolutely gorgeous year-round. They are considered the largest waterfalls in Indiana.

Lieber State Recreation Area itself also offers hiking trails, a lake (with boat access), playgrounds, an aquatic center, and more. On a lovely summer day, it’s a great Indiana day trip all on its own.

Murals in Greencastle Indiana

For my mural-loving friends, there are some outstanding ones in Greencastle – definitely ‘gram-worthy.

Painted silos in Greencastle Indiana

As you enter the town, you can’t miss the painted silos. They are vibrant (even on a grey winter day) and a wonderful first glimpse of what you’ll discover in Greencastle.

Downtown is also home to several striking murals. I always enjoy walking downtown and coming across gorgeous murals – and more and more small towns are making the most of their downtowns by adding them!

Putnam County murals

Restaurants in Greencastle Indiana

As a college town, Greencastle Indiana has some really fantastic food choices – much more than many small towns in the state.

Moore’s Bar

We chose to have lunch at Moore’s Bar and it was an excellent choice. Moore’s is everything a small-town bar should be.

We thoroughly enjoyed the super-friendly service and outstanding bar food (at very reasonable prices) along with the cozy atmosphere. One of the specialties is their tenderloin, so we split that along with some really good fried pickles!

Tenderloin at Moore's in Greencastle, Indiana

Moore’s has been in downtown Greencastle for 75 years – how’s that for longevity?


If you love a college restaurant then Marvin’s is the place for you. Marvin’s has been on DePauw’s campus since 1972 so it’s definitely a local institution.

If you ask a current or former student where they hung out while at DePauw – most of the time you’re going to hear Marvin’s. Order a burger and fried mushrooms and fit right in with the college crowd.

Breadworks by Bridges

Since I love a good local coffee shop, I knew Breadworks by Bridges would be our first stop in Greencastle.

The building is stunning inside and outside with plenty of terrific places to sit and visit or even get a little work done.

Americano and donut in Greencastle Indiana

I really enjoyed my Americano and we split a small blueberry donut, BUT, the place had no bread. Like, absolutely no bread. We tried to order a breakfast sandwich to split and the employee told me that they had no bread that day. Apparently, their bakery has been sending bread to a variety of places and just didn’t have enough for their restaurant.

So, although I enjoyed the coffee and atmosphere, I can’t share much about their food …

Bridges Craft Pizza & Wine Bar

I’ve already got my sights set on a return visit to Greencastle to check out Bridges Craft Pizza & Wine Bar. I mean pizza? Wine? I’m in.

Bridges Craft PIzza & Wine Bar in Greencastle, Indiana

Plus, check out the rooftop patio – that is just screaming for a glass of wine on a gorgeous summer night, right?

Where to Stay in Greencastle Indiana

Ready to extend your stay in Greencastle Indiana? Based on what we discovered, I can easily picture a perfect little Indiana weekend getaway full of shopping, hiking, and delicious dining – especially as the weather gets warm.

👉 Book your stay at the nearby Holiday Inn Express!

If you prefer you can find a few local B&Bs or AirBnBs to rent, or even camping at Lieber State Recreation Center.

Where is Greencastle Indiana?

Greencastle Indiana is located slightly southwest of Indianapolis in Putnam County. There are several smaller towns in Putnam, but Greencastle is the largest. It’s just over an hour from Indianapolis, so a perfect location for an Indiana day trip!

Map of Greencastle Indiana in Putnam County

Conclusion: Fun Things to do in Greencastle Indiana

I love a good Indiana day trip, and this one to Greencastle included everything I enjoy – good food, some time outdoors, boutiques, and a bit of history. You’ll easily find plenty of fun things to do in Greencastle Indiana.


Check out all the fun things to do in Greencastle Indiana on your next day trip from Indianapolis. With adorable boutiques, history and hiking it's a wonderful place to explore. #indiana #daytrips #getaways
Check out all the fun things to do in Greencastle Indiana on your next day trip from Indianapolis. With adorable boutiques, history and hiking it's a wonderful place to explore. #indiana #daytrips #getaways