Fun things to do in Huntington IN

22 Fun Things to Do in Huntington Indiana

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So what are the fun things to do in Huntington Indiana? I’ve been to Huntington County, Indiana more times than I can count, and I’ve had a blast exploring and discovering new hidden gems on each visit. It’s become one of my go-to spots for a quick day trip or a relaxing weekend away. Just a short drive from Fort Wayne, Chicago, or Indianapolis, this place has a lot to offer whether you’re alone, with friends, or taking the family along.

In Huntington County, you’ll find a mix of interesting activities that cater to all sorts of interests. From the historical streets of downtown Huntington and Roanoke to the tranquil nature preserves and vibrant university campus, there’s a diverse range of experiences.

The food scene here is a big highlight for me – I’ve had some of my best meals in their local restaurants, ranging from classic Indiana dishes to fancy farm-to-table dining. And if you’re into wine, places like Two EE’s Winery are a must-visit. Trust me, Huntington County is more than just a stop on the map – it’s a place full of discoveries that I keep coming back to.

So, ready to explore Huntington County Indiana?

shopping the boutiques should be on your list of fun things to do in Huntington Indiana

1. Shop in Downtown Huntington Indiana

Downtown Huntington Indiana has several boutiques, restaurants, and places to explore. There is a terrific candy store – perfect for loading up on goodies for the kids. I like to give my kids $5 or $10 and tell them to go wild – it’s an inexpensive and very fun treat for them. You’ll also find a couple of cute clothing and home-good boutiques – a few favorites include Antiqology and The BeeHive.

The courthouse is right in the center of downtown, and like most Indiana courthouses has a few interesting historical markers with information, so take a little time to walk around and check them out.

Huntington University sign

2. Huntington University

On your way in or out of town, make sure to drive through Huntington University. As a small private Christian university of about 1400 students, Huntington has a lovely little campus worth exploring.

With small class sizes and over 70 degrees, it’s a nice option for students looking for a more personal college experience. They even offer graduate degrees for post-undergraduate learning.  

Huntington University, 2303 College Ave. Huntington, IN

3. Huntington County Historical Museum

The Huntington County Historical Museum is located a few blocks from the courthouse and showcases the history of Huntington County. Like most county museums we’ve encountered around Indiana, it’s an interesting mish-mash of items from the community that represents local importance.

If you enjoy local history, you’ll enjoy poking around this little gem for half an hour or so. On our last visit, we didn’t have a docent to walk us around, but we still had fun learning a bit more about the county. 

Huntington County Historical Museum, 315 Court St. Huntington, IN

Dan Quayle Vice Presidential Learning Center and Museum

4. Dan Quayle Vice Presidential Learning Center

The Dan Quayle Vice Presidential Learning Center in Huntington, Indiana, stands out as a distinctive attraction. More than just a tribute to its namesake, Dan Quayle, the 44th Vice President of the United States, this museum delves deeply into the broader role and history of the Vice Presidency in American politics.

This center is not only a repository of information about Dan Quayle’s tenure but also serves as an educational hub. It provides a comprehensive overview of the Vice Presidency, offering insights into the responsibilities, challenges, and impacts of vice presidents throughout history.

The museum has become a popular destination for local school field trips, offering students unique and interactive learning experiences. It’s a place where history comes alive, making it an engaging visit for anyone interested in understanding more about this often under-explored aspect of the American government.

Dan Quayle Vice Presidential Learning Center, 815 Warren St. Huntington, IN

Sunken Garden in Huntington, IN

5. Sunken Gardens

On a recent November visit to Huntington, Indiana, this little garden on the edge of town was getting holiday lights – which I’m sure will be magical! Even at other times of the year, it’s a lovely place to relax.

On the walk over to the sunken gardens from the parking lot, we also encountered an interesting war memorial. There were several monuments, a plane, and even a tank. Well worth a few minutes to stop to investigate.

Mural in downtown Huntington Indiana

6. Huntington Indiana Murals

In Huntington (and nearby Roanoke, Indiana), the murals are a standout feature, offering a colorful glimpse into the town’s character and history. Scattered throughout the town, each mural tells a unique story and adds a vibrant touch to the streets.

These murals, varying in style and subject, are worth exploring as they reflect the artistic spirit of Huntington. Take a walk around town, and you’ll discover these creative expressions at every turn, adding an extra layer of charm to your visit.

7. Golfo Di Napoli Dairy

Ready for a unique treat in Northern Indiana? Golfo di Napoli, situated in nearby Warren, Indiana, is an Italian dairy specializing in exquisite cheeses like mozzarella, burrata, provolone, caciocavallo, and ricotta, all made from locally sourced milk. This place is a cheese lover’s dream, with each variety showcasing the rich flavors of the region.

When you visit, make sure to stop by their caffé. Here, you can savor fantastic appetizers, salads, paninis, and charcuterie boards, where Golfo’s fine cheese is the star. You can watch your food being prepared in their open-scratch kitchen, adding to the experience. Remember to bring an appetite and a cooler – you won’t want to leave without taking some of their delicious cheese home with you.

8. Historic Forks of the Wabash

The Historic Forks of the Wabash in Huntington, Indiana, is a historical and natural landmark that offers a unique blend of education and outdoor enjoyment. This site, where the Wabash and Little Rivers converge, is steeped in rich history, including Native American and early American settler narratives.

Visiting the Forks of the Wabash is like stepping back in time. The park features well-preserved historical structures and informative displays that shed light on the area’s past. It’s a great spot if you are interested in learning more about the local heritage and the significant events that shaped the region.

Beyond its historical significance, the Forks of the Wabash is also a place for tranquil outdoor activities. The scenic trails and serene river settings make it an ideal spot for walking, picnicking, and simply enjoying nature. It’s a peaceful retreat from the hustle of daily life, offering you a chance to connect with nature and history in one visit.

Historic Forks of the Wabash, 3011 W. Park Dr. Huntington, IN

9. Salamonie Lake

When you visit Salamonie Lake, you’re in for a treat if you love being on or near the water. Boating, fishing, and kayaking are popular activities here, with the lake’s calm waters providing the perfect backdrop for a day of adventure or relaxation. Anglers, in particular, will find the lake a prime spot for catching a variety of fish species. On our last visit, we spent the day boating and floating with friends – it was such a relaxing day!

The area around Salamonie Lake is also great for hiking, with several trails winding through the surrounding natural landscape. These trails offer a peaceful way to explore the local flora and fauna, making for an enjoyable day out for families or solo nature explorers. The lake’s beaches provide spots for sunbathing and swimming, making it a perfect summer destination even if you don’t have a boat!

I’m a hotel girl myself, but Salamonie Lake is equipped with picnic areas and campgrounds, making it ideal for longer stays if you like camping. Whether you’re planning a family camping trip or a quiet weekend getaway, the lake’s natural beauty and tranquility make it a fantastic choice for those looking to escape the city’s buzz and immerse themselves in nature’s embrace.

Salamonie Lake, 9214 Lost Bridge Rd. Andrews, IN

10. Tel-Hy Nature Preserve

Tel-Hy Nature Preserve, nestled in the heart of Huntington County, Indiana, is a 39-acre oasis of natural beauty. This serene preserve offers just over a mile of hiking trails, providing a perfect setting for a peaceful stroll or a refreshing nature walk.

The Tel-Hy Trail at the Nature Preserve may not be extensive, but it packs a punch in terms of scenic beauty and tranquility. As you meander through the preserve, you’ll be treated to a stunning view of the Wabash River, a highlight that attracts many visitors to this spot. The river’s presence adds a soothing backdrop to your hike, making it an ideal place for contemplation or a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle.

Tel-Hy Nature Preserve, 1429 N 300 W. Huntington, IN


11. GQT Huntington Drive-In

Unfortunately, drive-ins are few and far between in Indiana, so when I find one I make a note of it! The GQT Huntington Drive-In offers a nostalgic and unique movie-going experience that harkens back to a bygone era. As one of the few remaining drive-in theaters in the region, it provides a rare opportunity to enjoy films under the stars.

Visiting the GQT Huntington Drive-In is about more than just watching a movie; it’s about reliving a piece of Americana. The charm of watching a film from the comfort of your car, with a blanket and your favorite snacks, is an experience that modern indoor theaters can’t replicate. It’s perfect for families seeking a fun night out, couples looking for a romantic date setting, or anyone wanting to switch up their usual movie routine.

I have such fond memories of visiting the drive-in as a kid, and who doesn’t love getting all comfy when watching a movie? If you are lucky enough to have a pick-up, load up blankets and watch from the bed! 

Pam’s insider tip: Remember that drive-ins are seasonal, so be sure to call and make sure it’s open before you plan your visit.

GQT Huntington Drive-In, 1291 Condit St. Huntington, IN

Adorable boutiques in downtown Roanoke Indiana

Fun Things to Do in Roanoke Indiana

Aside from Huntington, the other large town in Huntington County is Roanoke. And after visiting, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of or visited this hidden gem. We stopped on a recent trip to Huntington and have already made a return trip as we enjoyed the town so much!

12. Shopping Downtown Boutiques

If you enjoy boutique shopping, downtown Roanoke is a shopper’s dream. Although just a small street, it is FULL of lovely and unique boutiques.

I can envision a wonderful afternoon of shopping – especially for the holiday season, followed by a lovely wine tasting at Two EE’s Winery and a decadent dinner at Joseph Decuis. After discovering it, I purposefully scheduled an afternoon trip for some early Christmas shopping this year.

Two EE's Winery in Huntington County Indiana

13. Two EE’s Winery

If you love a good winery, Two EE’s Winery needs to be on your radar. Located just outside of Roanoke, the winery is housed in a gorgeous, modern building. There is plenty of seating indoors and out, along with a small area for purchasing wines and gift items.

Unlike most Indiana wineries, Two EE’s Winery does things a little differently. They offer an hour-and-a-half guided tasting complete with cheese or DeBrand chocolates in a special tasting room.

Wines from Two EE's Winery

You can book the tasting ahead of time on their website (recommended) or show up and hope you get lucky. On our first visit, we were short on time so decided instead to grab a table in the sitting area and enjoy a glass of wine. We were able to try a few varieties before settling on one, but everything we tried was delicious.

The atmosphere was cozy and relaxing and thanks to the knowledge of our server we ended up selecting a few bottles to enjoy later at home. 

Since that first visit, we went back and enjoyed one of the tastings on our anniversary and it was a lovely way to celebrate. We were greeted with a half glass of bubbly (fancy) and led to a small table where we had a personal tasting. I did the wine and cheese tasting and really enjoyed how the wines changed with the cheeses. Well worth the minimal cost and I will 100% do it again. 

Two EE’s Winery, 6808 N US Highway, Huntington, IN

14. Roanoke Area Heritage Center & Historical Museum

Another fun Historical Museum in the area is the Roanoke Area Heritage Center & Historical Museum. It’s a fun showcase of local history, with special emphasis on notable figures and events that shaped the Roanoke community. This museum provides an intimate look into the town’s past through well-curated displays and artifacts.

One of the museum’s standout exhibits is dedicated to the life of Kil-So-Quah, known as Roanoke’s Indian Princess. Her story is a significant part of the area’s history, and the exhibit offers a fascinating glimpse into her life and legacy. Another highlight is the display of Eugene Hartley, a notable figure in the racing world who called Roanoke home. The museum skillfully narrates his racing career, adding a touch of excitement and local pride to its collections.

Roanoke Area Heritage Center & Historical Museum, 102 W. 1st St. Roanoke, IN

Sign that says Welcome to Game On!

15. Game On! Virtual Sports Lounge

On my last visit, we discovered Game On! Virtual Sports Lounge. What a fun place! It was a random weekday afternoon, so it wasn’t busy and we spent quite a bit of time talking to the employees and learning more about this unique venue. I wish it was closer as I could see spending a lot of time here during the cold Indiana winters!

It is a cutting-edge destination for sports enthusiasts and families looking for fun and interactive entertainment. This lounge stands out with its five state-of-the-art simulation bays that offer high-definition reality sports experiences (over 130 virtual sports and games), perfect for those days when outdoor activities are not an option.

It is a family-friendly spot where everyone can find something they enjoy. From virtual golf and archery to baseball, bowling, and even carnival games, the variety is impressive. There are also more energetic options like dodgeball, hunting, shooting, and basketball, ensuring that visitors are engaged and entertained throughout their visit.

Adding to the appeal, Game On! Virtual Sports Lounge features a full bar and a food menu, creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where guests can unwind. Whether you’re looking to spend a winter afternoon in a fun and warm environment or just seeking a unique way to enjoy sports, this lounge offers an immersive experience. It’s an ideal place for group outings, family gatherings, or just a casual hangout with friends where you can indulge in both the excitement of virtual sports and the comforts of good food and drinks.

Game On! Virtual Sports Lounge, 141 S. High St. Roanoke, IN

16. Board & Brush

The charm of Board & Brush lies in its welcoming atmosphere, where no prior experience in crafting or woodworking is needed. The studio offers a variety of projects, from decorative signs to functional home items, each customizable to fit individual styles and preferences. Under the guidance of skilled instructors, you can transform raw materials into beautiful, handcrafted pieces that they can take pride in.  

When you visit Roanoke, a session at Board & Brush is a must-try. It’s not only a fun activity but also a chance to create a memorable keepsake from your travels. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Board & Brush offers an enjoyable and creative way to spend an afternoon or evening in Roanoke.

Board & Brush, 160 S. High St. Roanoke, IN

Restaurants in Huntington County Indiana

There are so many delicious options for food in Huntington County – something for everyone. A few recommended ones include …

17. Nick’s Kitchen

A local favorite, Nick’s Kitchen is exactly the kind of place I expect to find in a small town near a college campus.

Specializing in tenderloins (a Hoosier staple) and sugar cream pie, Nick’s is Indiana comfort food at its best! Nicks states that it is the home of the original breaded tenderloin – it was first served when the restaurant opened in 1908. Talk about history!

Nick’s Kitchen, 506 N. Jefferson, Huntington, IN

18. Brick House Grill

Only open for lunch a few days a week, we were lucky enough to be visiting on a day we could enjoy a tasty lunch at Brick House Grill.

Tucked into a small space just off the main street, Brick House Grill offers a nice variety of upscale burgers, salads, and sandwiches on its lunch menu. They also have a full bar and a list of local beers on draft.

We shared a delicious feta dip (that I have since recreated at home), a HUGE cobb salad, and a side of roasted Brussels sprouts. YUM!

Brick House Grill, 19 W. Washington St. Huntington, IN

Entrance to Joseph Decuis Emporium

19. Joseph Decuis

A destination restaurant in Roanoke, Joseph Decuis specializes in super high-quality (think Wagyu) farm-to-table dinners.

If you want a unique and utterly upscale experience, this is the restaurant you need to visit. We had already eaten (and didn’t have reservations), but I’m already plotting a return trip to try Joseph Decuis, enjoy a wine tasting at Two EE’s Winery, and then maybe spend the night at a fancy hotel in nearby Fort Wayne.

Joseph Decuis, 191 N. Main St. Roanoke, IN

20. Moose & Mollie’s Cafe and Gelato

Moose & Mollie’s in Roanoke is a delightful spot, especially known for its delicious gelato and an array of fun coffee drinks. This cozy cafe is a must-visit for anyone with a sweet tooth or in need of a caffeine fix and since it’s located right downtown, it’s an easy stop during an afternoon of shopping.

They also have sandwiches and soups if you just need a quick meal. Whether you’re looking for a cool treat or a warm cup, Moose & Mollie’s has something to satisfy every craving.

Moose & Mollie’s, 171 E. 2nd. St. Roanoke, IN

Roanoke Village Inn courthouse

21. Roanoke Village Inn

I absolutely adore the patio at Roanoke Village Inn. If it’s a nice day, it’s a perfect place to sit and enjoy dinner and drinks. The atmosphere there is both relaxing and inviting, making it an ideal spot for unwinding after a day of exploring Roanoke.

The menu at Roanoke Village Inn offers a great selection of comfort foods and local specialties. Paired with their range of beverages, it makes for a delightful dining experience.

Their friendly service and the quaint charm of the Inn add to the overall experience. It’s a little slice of local hospitality that makes every visit memorable.

Roanoke Village Inn, 190 N. Main St. Roanoke, IN

22. B&K Rootbeer Stand

B&K Rootbeer Stand in Huntington County is a seasonal favorite, offering a classic drive-in experience that’s reminiscent of simpler times. This charming spot is known for its freshly brewed rootbeer, a must-try for both locals and visitors.

Along with their signature rootbeer, B&K serves up classic drive-in fare like hot dogs and other snacks, perfect for a quick, nostalgic meal. It’s the ideal stop for a tasty, casual bite in a fun, retro setting.

I love visiting a root beer stand if we are traveling near one in the summer months. Even if all we order is a fresh rootbeer and a basket of fries to share it’s a fun, relaxing experience, and B&K’s are Indiana institutions.

B&K Rootbeer Stand, 1218 S. Jefferson St. Huntington, IN

Where to stay in Huntington County?

If you want to extend your stay – especially after an amazing dinner at Joseph Decuis or a wine tasting at Two EE’s winery, there are a few excellent options.

For families, consider one of the many chain hotels in nearby Fort Wayne Indiana. (one of my favorite stays was at the Hampton Inn in downtown Ft. Wayne – it has a great rooftop bar that overlooks the baseball field).

If you want to stay steps away from Roanoke, Joseph Decuis actually has an Inn. It looks lovely, so might be a fun option.

My personal choice would be the new nearby hotel in Fort Wayne, The Bradley. It’s on my list of places to stay soon! I love a good boutique hotel and this one looks amazing.

Ready to book your stay at The Bradley? Head over to!

Where is Huntington County Indiana?

Huntington County is located in the Northeast corner of Indiana. It’s between Indianapolis and Fort Wayne off of I-69, less than half an hour from Fort Wayne.

FAQs: Things to Do in Huntington Indiana

What cities are in Huntington County Indiana?

The two largest cities in Huntington County Indiana are Huntington (home of Huntington University) and Roanoke. Both cities are quite different and both are worth visiting!

What is Huntington County known for?

Huntington County is often called the Lime City.

Conclusion: Fun Things to Do in Huntington County Indiana

In conclusion, Huntington County, Indiana, has repeatedly proven to be a destination rich in experiences and adventures that I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring. From the serene beauty of Salamonie Lake and the historical intrigue of the Forks of the Wabash to the artistic allure of the Huntington County Murals, every visit brings new discoveries and memorable moments.

The culinary delights at places like Golfo di Napoli and B&K Rootbeer Stand have added a flavorful dimension to my trips, while the unique experiences at Game On! Virtual Sports Lounge and Board & Brush in Roanoke have provided both fun and relaxation. The charm of the GQT Huntington Drive-In Theater and the tranquility of Tel-Hy Nature Preserve are just a few more examples of what makes this area so special.

I find myself drawn back to Huntington County time and again, each visit uncovering new facets of this wonderful region. Whether it’s indulging in the rich history, enjoying the natural beauty, or savoring the local cuisine, Huntington County continues to be a place where I have had many fun and fulfilling experiences. It’s a destination that I wholeheartedly recommend for anyone looking for a diverse and enjoyable getaway.


Are you looking for a wonderful Indiana day trip? Consider Huntington County. With delicious food, plenty of fun things to do, history and wine, it's got it all! #Indiana #daytrips #everydayadventures