Fun things to do in Ohio

Fun Things To Do In Ohio

Seeing as how it’s right next door to Indiana, Ohio is a state we visit often. This great article by Dylan Thomson shares four fun adventures to be found – I’m adding all of them to my future travels! Read on and I’m sure you’ll want to add them to yours!

Are there fun things to do in Ohio? You bet! Ohio sometimes gets a bad reputation among non-natives for being comprised of little more than cornfields and fans of mediocre sports teams. There is much more to the Buckeye State, however, and it can be a great place for a road trip if you’re looking to experience another part of the Midwest. Below are a few of our recommendations for the most exciting things to do in Ohio!

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That’s right, Ohio is home to its very own National Park! Although it’s not Yellowstone or Zion, Cuyahoga Valley is still a true gem of the Midwest, justifiably preserved among the country’s greatest natural wonders. Filled with waterfalls and trails accessible to anyone, this is a great place for any kind of traveler. You can take a historic train ride through the park, or commit to a day hiking through the forests. You can also kayak or canoe if you’d prefer to travel by water. 

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Cedar Point is one of the bigger tourists draws in Ohio, given its wide variety of extreme roller coasters. One of its most famous attractions is the Top Thrill Dragster, on which passengers are accelerated from a standstill to 120 miles per hour in just 3.8 seconds. Another popular ride is the recently-opened Steel Vengeance, which has broken 15 world records. Among these records are the expected fastest, tallest, and longest, but it also boasts the world record for the most airtime (the feeling of being weightless or no longer affected by gravity). If the thought of these rides is unsettling to you, however, there are still plenty of other, tamer experiences at Cedar Point; there is a water park on-site, for one thing, and for another, there are more arcade games than you could ever find time to play. Cedar Point is located in Sandusky, Ohio.

Jack Casino in Ohio
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Ever since 2009, gambling at casinos has been legal in the state of Ohio. Most of the major cities in the state, namely Columbus and Cleveland, have surprisingly impressive casino options, in fact; Cleveland opened its Jack Casino in 2012, with the facility boasting over 100,000 square feet of gaming space. That said we should also note that some Ohio locals opt to make the reasonable drive across the border to Canada to have a more glamorous gaming experience at a place like Niagara Falls. Canada is becoming better known for its accessible selection of online casino games, but it still has some fairly glamorous casinos – most of which are strategically located near the border. So suffice it to say you’ll have options on the gaming front if this is your thing.  One of the things I love best about casinos in Ohio is that they are smoke-free!

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Lake Erie is one of the country’s five Great Lakes, and borders Northeast Ohio. There are several state parks located on the water and even some islands that are worth a visit. Put-in-Bay and Kelleys Island are the most popular, and both make for great places to spend a sunny summer day. Many people enjoy the sport of sailing on Lake Erie as well, with some even traveling as far as Canada. If you want to stay on shore though, there are plenty of pretty beaches where you can work on your tan, read a book, and go for a refreshing swim. And be sure to try a beer from Great Lakes Brewing Company while you’re in the area! This area would be a great combination with a day at Cedar Point.

We hope that with these recommendations you’ll have a second look at Ohio as a possible vacation destination, whether you’re coming from another Midwestern state or from across the country. It’s actually becoming something of a hidden gem for all it has to offer despite its lackluster reputation. 

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Fun things to do in Ohio

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