Things to do in the winter

2024 Winter Fun – things to do in the winter

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Is it cold where you live? If so and you are like me, you’ve been doing search after search of fun things to do in the winter or fun things to do when it’s cold.

Am I right?

If this sounds like you, I’ve got some fun ideas for you … things to do to EMBRACE the winter weather, not just wait for it to be over!

A New Twist on Sledding

Sledding is a pretty common way to enjoy the snow. But although the sledding part is a blast, dragging that sled back up the hill is not my idea of fun. Especially when the snow is deep.

Enter tubing.

Oh, how I love tubing in the winter. These days, most ski areas have a tubing hill and often larger towns have one too. Yes, you’ll pay for the privilege, but you won’t have to walk up the hill. You simply sit on your tube and ride to the top.

Have fun tubing in the winter

Pretty sweet, right?

This year we enjoyed tubing at Boyne Mountain in Michigan. Too far from you? Do a Google search to see if you can find a tubing hill near you. If there isn’t one, keep this idea in mind for your next weekend getaway and struggle through the regular old sledding this year.

Related Post: Similar to tubing is tobogganing. Check out the fantastic time we had on the toboggan at Pokagon State Park in Indiana.

Strap on those Skates

Even without snow, ice skating is a fun thing to do in the winter. And, even if you don’t live where you have ice skating weather, you probably have an indoor one nearby.

Have fun ice skating this winter

So for those of you who live in the South, you can still enjoy a traditional winter activity! Bundle up, hit the rink, and be sure to stop at your local coffee shop for a decadent hot chocolate afterward.

If you live in the Midwest or North, I’d opt for an outdoor rink – there is nothing like enjoying the fresh air on skates! I’ve even seen skating trails lately – that’s what I’m going to search for.

I bought these skates for my daughter for Christmas last year and she’s already worn them half a dozen times! Way cheaper than renting.

Hit the Trails

Yes, you can hike in the winter. And if you are dressed warmly enough it’s beautiful. Try one of your normal summer hikes in the winter for an entirely different perspective.

Even a paved trail can be a nice option – just be careful not to slip if it’s icy. That’s why I actually prefer the hiking trails – I’m less likely to fall!

Hiking is one of my favorite fun things to do in the winter

If you have enough snow where you live, you could even give snowshoeing or cross-country skiing a go. I’m a huge fan of snowshoeing and am always excited when we finally get enough snow to get out there!

Insider tip: Snowshoes make a fantastic winter gift, and they are actually pretty affordable! Once you purchase them once you’ve got them for life. Here is a great option to consider.

How about a Picnic?

I’m suspecting you think I’m crazy with this idea. Right?

Hear me out …

It might be too cold to have a traditional picnic, but you could still find a scenic spot and enjoy a picnic in your car! Pack a lunch or pick up a local favorite, and find a place to park and enjoy.

If you can find one open, a drive-in is another fun option for a car picnic!

Enjoy a picnic in the car at your local drive-in

This was something we did a few times during the height of the pandemic. It was a way to get outside while still being socially distanced from others. And you never know, you might just find a great new spot you’ll want to revisit when the weather warms up!

So what are YOUR favorite winter activities?

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Are you looking for fun things to do this winter? Check out these four fun ideas and ENJOY this winter instead of dreading it! #winterfun #thingstodo #winterweather
Are you looking for fun things to do this winter? Check out these four fun ideas and ENJOY this winter instead of dreading it! #winterfun #thingstodo #winterweather