Best Disney World Park for Adults

Best Disney Park for Adults

Disney is hands down one of our favorite places for family travel, but it can also be a really great choice for an adult-only vacation. As my kids get older, I find myself traveling more with just one kid (and at 19, she’s almost an adult), or just my spouse. And, Disney still delivers!


Visit Disney in the winter

11 Reasons to Visit Disney in the Winter

Most people think of Disney as a summer vacation. Or maybe Spring Break. But, visiting Disney in the winter can actually be a completely different, but still wonderful Disney trip.


Disney Park with most rides?

Which Disney Park Has the Most Rides?

Welcome to the magical world of Disney! If you’re a thrill-seeker, a fan of classic attractions, or simply eager to embark on unforgettable adventures, you might find yourself wondering: which Disney park has the most rides?


Best Shoes for Disney World

The BEST Shoes for Disney World

I’ve become a pro over the years at selecting the best shoes for Disney World. And, since our days at Epcot often surpass 25,000 steps, if these shoes are perfect for Disney World, they will fit the bill for any other theme park or day of walking!


Do you need Genie+?

Do You Need Genie+?

Disney recently rolled out Genie+ as a way to eliminate the lines at the Disney World Parks. Similar to the old FastPass. Ready for the kicker? You have to pay extra for it. So, do you really need it?



5 BEST Tips for Disney World First-Timers

Here are five tips on how to have the BEST first vacation to Walt Disney World.


The perfect non Park day at Disney

Perfect Non-Park Day at Disney World

Although I’m a huge fan of the Disney Parks, sometimes I want (or need) a non-park day. Ready to learn how to enjoy the PERFECT non-park day? Then read on …


Beat the heat this summer at Disney

Beat the Heat at Disney World

Visiting Walt Disney World in the summer can be hot. REALLY HOT! As in, you can’t spend five minutes outside without sweat dripping down your back hot. Yet you can still have a wonderful time – with a little planning and a little swizzle in your schedule. Read on to learn our tips and tricks!


Disney Annual Passes

Why I Have Annual Passes

We bought annual passes to Walt Disney World this year. And we live in Indiana. Are we crazy? Maybe a little bit, but at the beginning of the year, we sat down and thought about how we wanted to vacation this year and realized we already had two trips to Disney planned.


Disney Travel Tips

What to Bring to Walt Disney World

What should you pack to keep the weight down but still have everything you need?


5 FREE Fun things to do at WDW

5 FREE Things to Do at Disney World

One way to make your trip a little more affordable is to include some free things to do. Add these 5 FREE things to do at Walt Disney World on your next visit and have more fun for less money!