Get Outside and Play

I’m so happy that Spring is here and the weather has warmed up.  There is nothing lovelier than enjoying that first cup of coffee on the screened in porch before I jump into my day. Get Outside and Play!

In addition to starting my day with fresh air, I really like to get outdoors and play!  Being active and exercising is so much easier when it’s fun – when it feels like playing.

As kids, we naturally spent free time playing outdoors when the weather was nice.  These days, few things warm my heart more than seeing my kids outside after school playing kickball or wiffle ball, wading in a creek or riding their bikes – hair streaming behind them.

  • When did WE stop playing?
  • Why?
  • What’s stopping us from starting to play again?

Maybe for you it’s been so many years that you don’t even know where to start.  Maybe you feel like you don’t have time.  Maybe you just feel too “grown-up” to spend free time playing.  Regardless of your why, I want you to GET. OVER. IT.

Think back to when you were a kid – what did you love to do?  What was your favorite kind of play?  Guess what?  I bet you can still do it – still incorporate it into your life and enjoy the benefits of fun, exercise and letting loose with play.

When I asked myself these 3 questions, I realized that as a kid, I was always riding my bike, hiking in a nearby park or roller skating.  All three of these are GREAT forms of exercise and totally doable.

Last week I dusted off my bike (literally – it was pretty dusty from being in the garage all winter), pumped up the tires and committed to a thirty minute ride 3x a week on my lunch hour.  I went for the first time yesterday.  Pure bliss!

Hiking is another easy type of play to add to my life.  I downloaded a recreational app for my phone that lists all the nearby parks and possible trails.  I found a couple quite close, so I loaded up my dog and a bottle of water and enjoyed a heart pumping, beautiful walk.

Even roller skating is still something I can do – the perfect activity for a rainy day.  Turns out there are still a few roller rinks out there.  In fact, last month, my daughter had a team sports party roller skating.  You can bet I joined them, and we had a blast skating for a few hours.  Luckily it is just like riding a bike – even though it’s been thirty years since I’ve skated, the ability came right back.  We had so much fun that we decided it will be something we will be doing again as a family very soon.

What do you plan to do for play this summer?  Make your list, find some time in your calendar this week, get outside and play!

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  1. I love this post! Why do we think that playing outside is only for kids? Being out in the fresh air and sun is so good for us. Thanks for the reminder of how healthy it is.

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