As I frequently mention, I believe that healthy relationships are a key component to a healthy and happy life.  So this year, instead of just giving more “stuff”, why not try giving an experience instead?  Especially something you can do together to help build you relationship and create fun, new memories.

Day at the Children’s Museum!

Here are some of my favorites – gifts I’ve given in the past with great success:

1.  A day out – maybe an afternoon of ice skating,  a trip to the ice cream store or coffee shop, a picnic in the park.

2.  Tickets – tickets to a show, a movie or sporting event.

3.  Membership – this is a great one – a membership to the local zoo or museum – it will lead to many fun afternoons!

4.  A vacation – even an overnight at a local hotel with a pool is a fun event for a kid!  Bring along a DVD and some popcorn and you’ve got a fun little getaway!

5.  A pampering gift – a gift certificate for a pedicure or massage for two would be great.

With a little creativity (or some ideas from Pinterest), you could easily package any of these into a cute little gift, and enjoy them long after the holidays are past.  Plus, don’t forget to check Eversave, Groupon or Living Social for deals on these types of experiences – no one said you had to spend a fortune – one of my favorite gifts was a certificate for an afternoon of ice skating tucked into my daughter’s stocking – I think it cost me $10 on Living Social, but has become an annual tradition for us!

Got some more ideas?  I’d love to hear them, so please share in the comments!

Do you need help finding the time for these experiences?  We’ll discuss this (and how to make it a priority in your life) and MORE when you work with me one-on-one – check out the details HERE.

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