Go to Bed!!!

Just as critical as eating well, getting a good night’s sleep will help keep you healthy this fall.  Without adequate sleep our bodies start to

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run down and can’t function as well.  We start making poor food choices, we become more susceptible to colds and we aren’t able to fight off germs as well as if we are well rested.

I’m sure you’ve noticed how you often get sick after a time period of being really overworked and worn out?  Late nights, stress and early mornings almost always lead to illness.

Getting a good 7 to 9 hours of sleep allows your body to do its job to restore and repair. You may want to use the sleep time calculator, to see how much time you personally should sleep. Cut that time short and eventually you’ll start feeling it.

Need some tips for a good night’s sleep?

  • Create an evening routine to get your body ready to go to sleep. If you do the same few things every night at about the same time, pretty soon your body will recognize that this means sleep is coming soon.  This will make it easier to fall asleep quickly.
  • Set a bedtime and stick to it. Don’t do that “one more thing” – if it is bedtime, go to bed.  This might mean leaving some tasks undone and that’s okay.  When you are well rested tomorrow morning you will be able to tackle them more efficiently (and with a better attitude).
  • Try diffusing a calming essential oil or even rubbing it on the bottom of your feet – this can be very soothing and enjoyable as you drift off to sleep.
  • Turn off all your blue screens – no TV, iPad or iPhone next to the bed. The darker the room, the better.

Want more tips on getting a good night’s sleep?  Check out this post with some small evening changes you can make to help you sleep better each night.

Try to make these a habit for you – I think you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel every day if you start getting the right amount of sleep each night.  If you feel a cold coming on, start to feel achy and extra tired, then get some extra sleep.  Take a nap; go to bed earlier, whatever you need to do to give yourself time to fight it off before it becomes a full blown illness.

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