Last week I shared my relationship goals – goals that included others.  This week I’ll be sharing my health and rp_New-Year-226x300-226x300.jpgwellness goals – so the goals that really just include me!  I’d be willing to bet the vast majority of you have set health and wellness goals – probably more than once.  When I think of health and wellness I don’t think of just exercise and eating right – there are other aspects of personal wellness that I believe are just as important.  Hopefully a little insight into how I look at them will inspire you to think about your health and wellness goals in a different light.

I think the most important aspect of a successful health and wellness goal is that it has to be exciting for you.  Say one of your goals is to get in better shape or to exercise consistently.  If you hate running, then by all means, don’t set yourself a goal of running a 5k.  It’s only going to piss you off every time you get on the treadmill – if you even continue to get on the treadmill!  Instead, think about what types of exercise would be fun for you and set a goal to do THAT consistently.  You are much more likely to succeed if you aren’t dreading the work involved in reaching a goal.

  1.  Healthy Living.  Why?  Losing weight or looking a certain way isn’t as important to me as feeling great.  Especially as I’ve struggled with not having the energy I desire in the past.  That means that being at my optimum health is super important to me – it gives me the energy and enthusiasm I need to enjoy my life.  So although I don’t set goals like “lose x pounds by Spring Break,” I DO set very specific exercise and dietary goals – I’ve found that for me having a specific “plan” to follow keeps me on track.  My overall healthy living goal is to take excellent care of myself so I can thrive and enjoy each and every day.  How?  Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night; 20 minutes of yoga 4 or 5 days a week; walk outside or on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes 5 days a week; eat fruits and veggies at every meal; drink at least 2 bottles of water each day; use my essential oils daily.
  2. Creativity.  Why?  Creativity is just as important to my enjoyment of life as my physical health.  I believe strongly that we all have creative gifts – maybe not obvious ones, but all of us have some way we enjoy expressing ourselves.  Stretching those creative muscles regularly and appreciating the creativity of others adds to our daily enjoyment.  That makes this an area I want to be intentional about in 2017.  How?  Do something creative everyday (write, cook, craft, create a new oil recipe, etc.); read 2-3 books this year on developing your creativity; appreciate beauty each day; applaud and encourage creativity in others; have fun putting together outfits and accessorizing; try new things.
  3. Adventure.  Why?  Why not?  Adventure is something I want in my life and I’m the best person to create it.  At this stage in my life, adventure looks very different than it did when I was twenty, but I can still enjoy new challenges and adventures on a regular basis – they just might not consist of traveling around the world!  Adventure adds fun to your life, excitement and creates memories.  All things I want more of!  How?  Create a family fun list; create a personal fun list; always be ready to try something new; plan fun outings several times a month; try a new place for our summer vacation; give thanks at night for the adventures of the day; keep a positive attitude.

How about you?  What are your goals and dreams around health and wellness for 2017?  Anything exciting or big planned?  Or just lots of little goals like mine that will add up to an amazing overall year?

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