Goat Yoga and Downtown Franklin

What a fun day we had in Franklin, IN.  After a restful night’s sleep, we got a jump start on the day by hitting up the local Farmer’s Market.  Most towns have a weekly Farmer’s Market (often on Saturday), so when we travel I always do a little research ahead of time to scout them out.  It’s a fun way to meet the locals (and ask for recommendations!) and if we are staying at a location with a kitchen, it’s the perfect time to stock up on fresh food.

Franklin’s Farmer’s Market runs from 8 – 12 on Saturdays and has a dedicated spot right on the edge of downtown.  We enjoyed checking it out and picked up some tasty kombucha while we were there.

I loved these little red wagons that you could use to load up  your goodies (or maybe your kids!):

Next on the agenda was Farm Animal Yoga.  Yep, you read that right.  It’s the next iteration of Goat Yoga.  Which is also a real thing.  This may have been my favorite part of the weekend (although the Artcraft was a close second).

Tagalong Farms has been doing goat yoga for a while now and decided to improve upon the experience by once in a while offering a more interesting cast of animals.  Lucky for me, the weekend we were there was one of the farm animal weekends.  It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  You get to do yoga outside with a bunch of farm animals running around.  It was awesome.

Yes, that’s a pig in front of my yoga mat.  We also got to interact with chickens, kittens, bunnies and of course goats. The instructor, Jocelyn has been teaching goat yoga classes for about a year, and she made it really fun for everyone present.  We ran through a pretty standard routine – lots of stretching, a few sun salutations, etc.

This is definitely a class a beginner or non-yogi would feel comfortable attending.  She was also very understanding of the fact that it was impossible not to stop sometimes to pet an animal or take pictures.  So maybe not the best workout I’ve ever had, but possibly the most fun!

After goat yoga, we met up with some friends who were in town for the CE divisional swim meet and enjoyed a delicious meal with a lovely view of the golf course at Big Woods.  Big Woods is an Indiana company that began in Nashville, IN as a brewery and has morphed into not just a brewery (Quaff on) but also a distillery (Hard Truth) and a few additional restaurants.  We all loved the atmosphere, food, and drinks.

It was time to burn off some of those calories so that was accomplished by shopping downtown Franklin.  The town is absolutely adorable with a traditional square surrounded by a variety of stores and restaurants.  Very walkable.

With a sidewalk sale going on, there was a lot of fun shopping to be had. If you like antiques, there were several very nice stores.  Also some unique clothing boutiques (my favorites), a local coffee shop, record store and home decor shops.  Even a toy store for the kids.

While at the record store, we got a tip from the owner about a place we just had to check out, Madison Street Salvage.  He mentioned that all his record holders were made from church pews he picked up there.  Sounded cool, so we were off to find it.

This shop is really interesting.  While there, we spoke to the store’s one paid employee, Danny Causy.  Everyone else who works there is a volunteer. Danny’s passion for the shop and restoration, in general, was obvious.  He shared with us how the store takes donations and then uses the money made to help restore old buildings around Franklin.

They are currently working on restoring their 16th location.  Money made at the store also goes to help support the Artcraft Theatre – which after last night’s show I am now a huge fan of!  If you live in the Indianapolis area and are looking for salvage materials for remodeling, projects, etc. Madison Street Salvage is a great resource.

Hard to believe it, but it was time to eat again!  For dinner, we enjoyed being part of the Franklin community by dining at The Willard.  The Willard is located in a historic building (built in 1860 as a residence) and seemed to be the place where everyone from Franklin was hanging out.  The atmosphere was comfortable, the service was wonderful and the food was tasty.  We couldn’t ask for more.  To learn more about our experience at The Willard, check out this post with ALL the details.  I’ll just tease you with a few photos here:

If you want to re-create our amazing day in Franklin, here is all the info you need – I was amazed at how much there was to do and see in this small town!

Franklin Farmer’s Market; 2 blocks west of the Courthouse;  Website

Goat Yoga: Tagalong Boutique; 251 E Jefferson Street; (317)-438-7640

Big Woods; 1800 East King Street; (317) 739-0378; http://www.bigwoodsrestaurants.com/franklin/

Madison Street Salvage; 350 E. Madison Street; 317-739-0601; http://www.fhisalvage.org/

The Willard; 99 N. Main Street; 317-738-9668; http://www.thewillard.com

Check out the fun we had last night in Franklin:

Brick Oven Pizza and an Art Deco theater

Thank you to the Festival Country CVB, Tagalong Boutique and The Willard for hosting parts of our visit to Franklin, IN.  The opinions expressed are all my own.