Got Mommy Guilt? How to Release It

Today’s society has led us to believe that we should have it all, right?  We should have that great career, raise perfect kids, exercise daily, keep a super clean house, entertain and prepare dinner seven days a week. guilt

That makes me tired just typing it all out!

The thing we have to remember is that all of that takes time – and we each have the same amount of time in every day.  That amount of time just isn’t enough to do all that.  Add it up if you don’t believe me:

Work – 8 hours

Exercise – 1 hour

Clean the house – 1 hour

Entertain – 1 hour

Fix dinner – 1 hour

Kid time – 24 hours!

And I didn’t even include all the other things we do – drive kids to practice, social obligations, leisure time,   time with our spouse, etc.

Face it; it’s NOT possible to do everything at once.  However, it IS possible to do it all – just not at the same time and not every day.

What you need to do is let go of what you see on social media (let’s face it, most people are posting the BEST of their life – we aren’t seeing the mess behind the photo), let go of judgement from others (and judgement from yourself) and decide what is most important to you right now in your life.  THIS is what you need to concentrate on first, and then don’t worry too much about the rest – in fact, if you can farm it out or let it go.

At the end of the day, week, and month, pause and think about what you did right – if you are concentrating on your biggest priorities, you’ll be much more content with yourself and able to release that guilt.  We are all just doing the best we can.