Great Ways to Use Lavender Essential Oil

Loving Lavender oil.  I have to admit at first I didn’t like the scent of this oil – it was a bit too flowery for me.  However, I have grown this month to love it!  One of the most interesting uses to me is to combat seasonal allergies.  My son has Spring allergies, so I’ll be experimenting this month and I’ll report back after a few weeks of usage.

Lavender oil is a wonderful, versatile oil – if you only own a few, this is definitely one that you should be on your list!  Make sure you are using a pure, therapeutic grade of oil – no added chemicals.  I strictly use Young Living oils as I feel comfortable about their safety – if you choose to use another brand, please do your research!

Here are some great ways to use your lavender oil.

Help you (or your kids) sleep better:

Lavender is a relaxing oil to diffuse.  Sometimes I use my travel diffuser in my daughter’s room, and sometimes I’ll use my ceramic ring (see picture below) on the lamp next to the bed.  Just put a few drops of oil on the ring, and set it on the bulb, then turn the light on.  It works well and is easy.  You can also put a drop on your palms, rub your hands together and smooth on your pillow.  Or even put some on your skin (wrists, neck, temples)


In the laundry:

Just like I used lemon last month, Lavender is lovely in your laundry.  Just sprinkle a few drops on a wet towel or sheet and put in the dryer.  It works just as well as fabric softeners without adding chemicals!

First Aide Uses:

Get a cut on your finger, leg, etc.?  Put a drop or two of lavender on it.  Perfectly safe and will help stop the bleeding.  It’s also great for bruises, itching or sunburns (combine with water and spray over larger itchy/ burned areas).  If using on a child, you might mix it with a bit of coconut oil to dilute it a bit.

Wrinkles/ Skin Care:

Add a drop or two to your moisturizer or foundation.  This makes the liquid more sheer, smells wonderful and is great for your skin.

IMG_1760Cold sores:

This one is amazing.  I haven’t had a cold sore in years, but I could feel one starting a few weeks ago.  I put a drop of Lavender and a drop of Thieves (a Young Living blend) on it several times a day over the course of two days, and it was gone before it even fully appeared!


Rub a few drops of lavender into the bottom of your feet and on your wrists.  Inhale.  Great way to calm kids down.

I’m having fun making a few things using lavender oil too, so I’ll share those later this month!

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