Grow your own sprouts!

Spring is coming!   Hard to believe since we just got four inches of snow last night!  However, here in the Midwest, we can usually count on a few nice days once March hits.  It starts to feel like Spring, which makes me want to eat Spring foods!  Asparagus, fresh greens, etc.  Alas, it’s still too early to start the garden and the asparagus isn’t up yet . . .

To the rescue – sprouts!

Growing your own sprouts is a great way to get something fresh and live in your diet before the Spring veggies start arriving – or anytime throughout the winter actually.  It’s also SUPER easy.  I’ve seen various methods on the internet that involve mason jars and cheesecloth, but investing in a simple sprouter for less than $15 makes it simple and you’ll get your money back in no time!

I use this model:

Growing sprouts is also a great “experiment” with your kids.  My kids love to watch the sprouts grow, and they will happily eat a bowlful since they were responsible for growing them.

Step one:  Rinse and soak your seeds – I use mung beans frequently, but any seed or lentil will sprout.  Make sure they are organic.  If you use a sprouter like mine, just put the smaller container inside the larger one, add a few tablespoons of beans/ seeds, cover with water and the lid and let it sit on your counter overnight.

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Step two:  Pull the smaller container out of the larger ones and dump (or water your plants with) the water left in the bigger container.  Rinse the sprouts again and put the smaller container back into the larger one, cover with the lid and let it sit on your counter for a day or two.

Step three:  Check daily for sprouting (kids love this part) and when the sprouts have sprouted as much as you would like, move them to the fridge.

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Enjoy these live foods on salads, sprinkled on top of stir frys or pasta dishes or just by the handful.  Easy, healthy and delicious!

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