Halloween Fun at ZooBoo

Just one more weekend of Halloween inspired fun left this month! As one of my favorite times of the year, this makes me a little sad, but there is still time to create your own Halloween themed everyday adventure!

If you are looking for something in the Indianapolis area, check out ZooBoo at the Indianapolis Zoo.  When the kids were younger, I always had a family membership to the zoo. It was a great option for a fun morning or afternoon with the kids. Even if the weather isn’t the best, some of the most interesting exhibits at the zoo (pet a shark anyone?) are indoors, so it is definitely a year-round option.

One event we got to every year was ZooBoo. The kids loved the trick-or-treating, I loved being outside and we all loved watching the animals.

Zoo Boo at the Indianapolis Zoo

However, as sports started taking over our lives, we have missed the last few years of ZooBoo. Each year, I’d try to fit in a visit and it just didn’t happen. This year we finally made it back!

I couldn’t believe how much ZooBoo has grown in the past few years. The old standbys were there – the pumpkin bowling, trick or treating on the plains and the carousel riding backward, but we also found some fun new additions.

Check out the mirror maze – I loved that the employee working held each group back a bit so we weren’t just following the person in front of us. Made for a much better experience.

Zoo Boo at the Indianapolis Zoo

The section of the zoo where most of the activities were held is much fancier than the white tent days when my kids were small. It was so well decorated and a pleasure to walk through.

What else I love about ZooBoo is the chance to check out the animals. We were there on a crisp but sunny afternoon, so most of the animals were active and fun to watch.

Indianapolis Zoo

The Indianapolis Zoo has a world-class Orangutan exhibit – it is extremely well-done with multiple ways to interact with the orangutans. They are fascinating to observe.

Indianapolis Zoo

In the mood for a snack? Everything from Scary Dipping Dots to Halloween themed treats were available – even adult beverages if that is your preference.

I think our favorite part of the day wasn’t actually Halloween themed, so it’s one you could enjoy many times of the year. The dog show. All the dogs were adopted from various humane societies and were so fun to watch. I love how much they were enjoying their handlers, catching the frisbees and performing for the audience.

My kids aren’t tiny anymore, but ZooBoo was still a fun way to spend the day as a family and a perfect everyday adventure!

Even if you can’t make it to ZooBoo this weekend (or your own local Zoo’s Halloween celebration), don’t forget to check out the Indianapolis Zoo next time you are in the area. We are lucky to have such a top-notch zoo near downtown Indianapolis.

ZooBoo Hours are 2 – 7 Thursday through Sunday and included with normal zoo admission, so go early and make a day of it!

Indianapolis Zoo; 1200 West Washington St.; 317-630-2001; https://www.indianapoliszoo.com/

Thanks to the Indianapolis Zoo for hosting our visit. We enjoyed the afternoon and made another wonderful family memory. All opinions, thoughts, and pictures in this post are my own.

Do you have a local zoo you love? Do you check out zoos when you are on vacation? (we often do). Please share your favorite zoo in the comments!

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