Heading to Disney World for the First Time?

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Are you heading to Disney World for the first time? For many people, that first Disney trip is filled with anticipation and also a bit of trepidation. A Disney World vacation isn’t cheap, so you want to be sure to get the most out of it and enjoy every minute, right? Here are five tips on how to have the BEST first vacation to Walt Disney World.

Disney for the first time tips

1. Don’t try to do too much

You will feel a lot of pressure to “do it all” and “see it all.” Especially if you don’t plan on going back to Disney anytime soon. Please, please, please resist that pressure. Yes, you want to experience everything Disney has to offer, but trying to do it all in one trip is a recipe for disaster. Plus, the wonderful thing about Disney is that many of the magical moments happen when you slow down and just enjoy being there.

I promise, you won’t regret missing a ride or two or not spending ALL day at the parks, but you WILL regret losing your temper or having everyone leave the park feeling cranky because they are tired, overstimulated, or angry.

Drink lots of water when you visit Disney

2. Drink lots of water

It’s so easy to get dehydrated in the Florida sun, and often when you (or your kiddos) start feeling bad, you really just need more water. It’s easy to get a free glass of water at any counter service location – just ask. If you don’t mind the effort, you can also consider carrying a water bottle around. This one is my favorite for park days.

3. Buy into the hype

There is no place like Disney and if you go in with a grumpy attitude or (and this is especially true for teens) an “I’m too cool” attitude you won’t have nearly as much fun. Be willing to be silly. If there is a situation where a volunteer is needed, raise your hand – your kids will love it and you’ll make family memories you’ll be talking about for years!

Enjoy all Disney has to offer when you visit!

4. Don’t overspend

It’s really easy to get caught up in the “I’m on vacation” mode and spend way more than you need. And Disney is expensive. So, plan ahead how much you want to spend on souvenirs, food, entertainment, etc., and do your best to stick to your budget. You don’t want to enjoy that one week at Disney but end up spending the next few months paying for it!

5. Be flexible

If your kids (or you) decide you want to forgo the parks for a day and lay by the pool, do it. Maybe that ride you wanted to go on has a 2-hour wait – how about trying another ride instead? If you aren’t up for yet another long sit-down meal, order carryout or pizza and eat in your room. Sometimes being flexible will lead to the best memories of the trip!

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Looking for tips for planning your first trip to Disney World? These are the top 5 things to remember to help make your Disney World vacation memorable! #disney #disneyplanning #vacationtips
Looking for tips for planning your first trip to Disney World? These are the top 5 things to remember to help make your Disney World vacation memorable! #disney #disneyplanning #vacationtips