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Yum! Doesn’t that look like Fall?

Ready to save dinner?  And your sanity? 

Get the Menu Planning Made Easy e-course and do just that!


This super simple e-course contains everything you need to know to create a weekly menu plan using ingredients at YOUR store, meals YOUR family likes, and save money in the process.  Plus, you can do it on YOUR time – whenever you want!

I know how busy you are – I am too!  Through the years, I’ve found that the weeks I am consistent in planning out my meals (and having the ingredients on hand) just run a little smoother.  By creating a weekly menu plan, you can ELIMINATE that whole stress of trying to figure out what’s for dinner.  I spend time teaching all my clients how to menu plan because it really is a great way to eat healthier on a regular basis – and it does make life easier – by offering it as an e-course, I can help so many more people streamline their  meals – for a VERY affordable price of $9.99!

What you’ll receive when you sign up:

  • MP3 recording that will talk you through step by step how to create the perfect menu plan for YOU
  • powerpoint slides that outline each step (you can follow along with the MP3)

And, as a bonus, I’ll share three of my favorite “desperation” meals and a pre-made form you can use for your menu planning.   These resources are yours to use forever, so anytime you feel like a refresher, you can listen in again!

Sound awesome? 

What this course isn’t:

  • This course won’t give you a weekly menu, but it WILL teach you how to create your own, week after week!
  • This course won’t tell you what you should eat, but it WILL help you figure out what works for YOUR family!
  • This course isn’t a “coupon course” on how to save money, but it WILL give you some tips on saving on your weekly grocery bill!

Check it out – and be the dinner hero for your family! 

Don’t forget to check out the latest program – New You for the New Year!  Enrollment opens up in just a few weeks, so get on the list now!!!