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One of the items in the Young Living Christmas Catalog is a product called Chocolessence.giveaway

Since one of my daily treats is a small square of dark chocolate I figured I ought to give it a try, so I purchased some.

Here is my honest review . . .

When I took the first bite, I thought “YUCK!”  The chocolate didn’t have a strong chocolate flavor but DID have a strong mint flavor.

Once I expected the mint flavor the taste grew on me.  After half a bar I decided I really liked it.  The mint flavor is very strong, but that’s a good thing – it means you’ll want less of it at a time.  Plus, it’s FULL of healthy ingredients – ingredients that actually keep you full like dark chocolate, raw cacao nibs, quinoa crisps, peppermint leaf oil, vanilla planifolia oil and ocotea quixos flower oil.

Next I decided to let my kids try it.  My son’s response was hilarious, he tried a bite, then he looked at me and said “you like this?” with an expression of disbelief.  He immediately wanted to take some down to “trick” my daughter who is a chocoholic.  She thought there was something wrong with it since it didn’t taste much like chocolate.

In conclusion, (based on my very unscientific research) – this product is a healthy treat that grows on you, it’s too strong for most kids and if you like overly sweet chocolate (like white or milk) you may not enjoy it.

I’m a fan and would purchase it again, and I thought I’d like to let one of you try it out for yourself.  So, on to the giveaway:

Enter here to win a few bars of Chocolessence for yourself:


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